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    Acceptance doesn't necessarily mean approval

    Acceptance and rejection are part of our lives. We accept certain things that we find matching our choices and preferences and reject those that do not match our preferences. Think of visiting a shop to purchase dresses. Either the shopkeeper will show you many items from which you will pick up your favourite ones or you will pick up your favourite ones from the shelf. This applies to almost every aspect and the choosier you are the longer will be the list of rejected items. Naturally, in that case, you will find it difficult to manage life because you'll never easily get what you want. It will be difficult to choose the dress, food, place, etc and you will find only a couple of people in your friends/relatives circle as you have kept the rest in the list of rejection. Maybe, that's why it is said to remain happy with whatever you have.

    There are certain situations when we accept things under pressure or after a lot of persuasions though inside our mind the dissatisfaction remains, a sense of disapproval works somewhere. Many of you may have come across families where the parents do not accept the marriage of their daughter/son because of some reason. At times, after a lot of persuasion by other relatives and friends, the parents accept the marriage but they cannot behave normally with their sons-in-law or daughters-in-law because a sense of disapproval works somewhere in their minds. In our workplaces also we often come across some situations where we accept things reluctantly, though we are unable to approve them within ourselves. So, though the meaning of the words acceptance and approval are almost similar, a subtle difference exists.

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    Rightly said by the author as many cases in the court are either squashed or rejected due to poor framing of the cases and police failing to get the right evidence. When the accused is caught by the police, it is on the pretext of apprehension and full details not known. However, police want to show their might and even coerce the person thus caught to accept the crime and that would be recorded. Now the accused would hire the lawyer and say the truth to the advocate and he would fight for the release of his client. Here the acceptance of crime was not approved by the court, and given the chance to the accused to put-forth his version through the lawyer and thus every chance of winning the case. So things accepted under pressure or force and not acceptable in the court of law and that is why justice prevails.
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    That is true. Sometimes we may be forced to accept certain issues even though we are not happy. My uncle saw a girl for marriage. He was not very happy with her. He was in two minds. But my father and another uncle explained to him various issues and made him accept the girl for marriage. He accepted under pressure. But luckily, both of them understood each other well after marriage and they lived together for more than 40 years. Recently he expired. This may happen in many other cases also.
    In our offices, sometimes we may not be liking the way in which our seniors are working. But we have no say there and hence we may have to accept them as our bosses as there is no alternative for us. Like this, there are many situations where we will be forced to accept the issues as they come.

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    Yes, the author is right, this situation arises in life many times when we do not like something but we have to give our acceptance or be agree with them but actually, we do not feel good or happy by this. The situation is not always in our favor and not even always against but many times acceptance is the only solution, so when we know that there is no option apart from that then it is more beneficial for us to accept it with a happy heart. It may not so simple every time but definitely, it may also not repeat in life frequently.

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