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    Are you confronting with deficit sleep disorder ?

    Whether it is small child, teenager or the adult and even the elders, sound sleep is essential and there cannot be any compromise in the matter, no matter we may have the pressing works, and tasks to be completed, some sound sleep would make our body fresh again and we are ready for the task to continue. Some may have even sound sleep during overnight, and yet feel the drowsy and wanted to have nap again and they feel like neglecting any work given on hand. Such situation is very dangerous and a power nap for just 15 to 20 minutes would be great way to renounce again.
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    It is very true that sleeping for some time in a day of 24 hours is very important for us to have a sound body and sound health. Sound sleep for 6 to 7 hours is essential for a normal person. But we see these days many people working for more hours and they sleep for fewer hours. But I think they will get adjusted to that and for them, 3 or 4 hours sleep also may be sufficient.
    I never sleep during the daytime normally and I never feel drowsy also. I sleep for about 7 hours at the night and that is sufficient for me. After lunch, I have no habit of sleeping. I can get into the work immediately after completing my eating.
    Many employees who will go to the office in the morning and return back late in the evening only will never get into the habit of sleeping after lunch. It all depends on the individual and his/ her habits, I think.

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    No, generally I complete the quota of sleep, I mean the number of hours, during the night. But at times, if I wake up too early and I am at home during the day then I manage a short break during the day to sleep. It's not necessary to take a break and only if I feel sleepy, I take the break. It is essential to have a good sleep and it is recommended by health practitioners that one should sleep at least 7 hours a day. Good sleep rejuvenates our body and mind which is necessary to stay healthy. Sleep deficiency creates various health issues so it is advised not to neglect this aspect and if required one can consult a healthcare professional to manage problems related to sleep disorders.

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    When I change my place I have to face such problem because I habitually sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning but when due to some reason I have to go to another place or any relative's house for some days, I do not sleep on time and when my fix time that is approximately 10 to 10:30 is passed, I do not get a night of sound sleep and in fact, my morning also not as good as always. So it is always an adjusting moment for me because I have to adjust with my sleeping time that affects my entire day or I can say entire vacation.

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    Any compromise with the sound sleep would impact our overall health. There might be some irregularities in the sleep patterns for a few days because of some emergency situations but any stretching beyond that would lead to disorder of our health. Sleep demands regularity in its cycle and once there is any breach of such a system, we may encounter disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes and host of other health issues.
    In this aspect, I am lucky enough to have sound sleep patterns consistently barring a few occasions when I feel some sort of inconvenience. If there is a change of place in case of my visit to a close relative, I might encounter irregularities in the sleeping modes.

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    A good and sound sleep is the great help for a good health and those who get a good sleep are very lucky people from that aspect. Many people get disturbed sleeps. They just go on thinking and thinking and their minds are not free to get a comfortable sleep. Some get up at midnight and then simply toss in the bed till the morning. Whatever be the type of sleep disorder it affects our body adversely and our health starts getting deteriorated. It is said that Yoga, Meditation, and other such concentration techniques help us in getting rid of myriad of thoughts in our minds and soothes us and induces sleep. Many people do that to keep themselves calm and quiet and sleep will follow naturally.
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