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    Importance of acceptance in life

    Acceptance word has positive meaning.Generally, It is used for approval. Acceptance is the good feeling If you are suffering from any kind of anxiety. Acceptance is the word which we would like to hear at every moment of life. Acceptance is necessary for healing process.Generally, people got irritated because of unacceptable by the society. Accepting every type of situation, be it good or bad will give us lasting peace and contentment. It is truth that accepting today's mistake can save us tomorrow's mishappening. In our society, very few people accept mistake due to which we have to face problem in social life. If we are not able to accept even small failures or setbacks boldly, we will not be able to accept any major sorrowful events which may also happen unexpectedly any time.

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    Acceptance is really a very important parameter in our lives. When somebody accepts our work or idea or process, we will get immense happiness. If somebody rejects our ideas we feel sad and sometimes we try to blame the other person saying that he is biased. Sometimes we will be forced to accept whatever it comes, we have to be happy with that and accept the situation. There is no use in worrying about that.
    As mentioned by the author one should have the courage to accept his mistakes and correct them. Many people defend themselves and try to blame others for that. It is never advisable.

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    In fact acceptance is the agreeing to the promise being sought and it becomes imperative for the person to adhere and be working on the positive way to help out. For some the acceptance does not have the legal binding as nothing was written and signed and to whom we cannot impose anything as they are habitual defaulters. And those who run away from the acceptance cannot flourish in the life because the essence of our living is to agree and do the work. Right from the childhood, the promise of doing the assigned things are bestowed on us and our behavior alone testifies as to how far we are adhering to the wants and commitments made. The self probing is very necessary in each case to see how far the achievements are made and whom we have satisfied. This is very important factor when we accept for granted.
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    I also believe that accepting our failures or mistakes before the damage is done is a must in our lives for a successful journey of career and profession. Hiding the mistakes will only be a temporary thing and more the time lapses in it, it becomes more and more dreadful. On earthing of ugly hidden facts at a later stage is always a source of pain and grief. I strongly believe that we must avoid all such things in our lives and be as transparent as possible and accept our faults at the earliest in our lives. It is very interesting to note that once we accept our faults with all sincerity all the offences, criticism, and the attacks by other people on us dissolve down in the sand on the surface of the Earth. Why we should not take advantage of that fact?
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    If you are a gentle person then never ignore your mistake. Accepting mistakes is the best way to improve quality and self-confidence. Several times we try to hide our mistake but it is not a good quality of a person .
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    The word acceptance is associated with various aspects of our lives and will always remain a part of it. Just as birth is true, death is also true, which the world accepts. It simply means that we have to accept the various stages from the beginning of life to its end, in which everything and all people are included. We have got some relationships from birth and some we have got later, but it is necessary to have the ability to accept relationships in us. Accepting good is always easy for us but life becomes very easy when we start accepting things, whether it is the failure or the sad truth of life.

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