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    Father and son relationship - how to maintain

    A son approached his father when he was sitting in the hall by doing some office work sincerely.
    Son:'daddy, what must be your earning for one hour?'
    Daddy(with sullen mood):'Why you are asking, okey, hundred rupees per hour.
    Son: Okey dad can you please give me fifty rupees?
    Daddy: Nonsense, what for? Any doll you are going to buy? Get out!
    After some gap of hours felt bad, the daddy approached the boy and gave him a fifty rupees note.
    Immediately, he collected his savings money under the pillow and add the 50 rupees given by his father. He again gone to his father by giving the total amount. Father raised his eyebrows with confusion and angry.
    Son: Daddy, sorry! you take this 100 rupees. Can you spend one hour with me in dinner as today is my birthday.
    Father lost his breath.
    The relationship between parents are nowadays not like in those days. Many parents keeps a good distance with their children. No loving words.
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    I think nowadays it is the opposite of what the author has described. Parents might be busy
    in earning money but they always find time for children spend holidays and have friendly relations with children.
    In earlier times there was a complete communication gap between father and child. They lived in the same house like strangers, now father and child live like friends and can share anything. In today's world children realy have a bond of love with their parent and not just fear.

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    A good story has been shared by the author that shows today's situation of a common family. In today's run-of-the-mill life, it is a big challenge for all the parents that they are not able to give time to their children. In this case, we see that when both the parents are working then the mother still manages some household responsibilities and time for the children but it becomes a bit difficult for the father. Some fathers are not able to do this under compulsion, but even after some time, they do not give time for children because other work like TV, mobile, etc. is more important for them. It is not that parents should not take enjoyment of their life because everyone's life is important but when children come into this world through parents, it is the responsibility of parents to spend a little but a beautiful and valuable time with them.

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    Wow that was the formidable content from the author wherein families are forgetting the required bonding to take place in the house as every one gets into busy mode and even forget the important event. In fact the work from home concept is no use for the house members as nothing can be discussed, nothing can be said. Just the presence in the home does not suffice the other family members as the involvement in family matters goes missing. The same was well told by the author. Here the sincerity of the father who is involved in his office work depicted. The son who wants to celebrate his birthday was eagerly waiting for father participation for sure. And the saving habit of son certainly baffled the father. And by giving father rupees 100, the son has given a strong message that parents need to spend time with children.
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    I heard a similar story on the same subject. A father brought a new scooter and parked inside. His 6 years son came there and saw the scooter and he was very happy. He brought a small piece of chalk writing something on the scooter. Meanwhile, the father has seen that his son is writing something on the scooter. Immediately he slapped him thinking that he is spoiling the scooter. The kid started weeping and went inside. Then father has seen what the son has written on the scooter and is shocked. 'I love my father' is what the son has written on the scooter. Father realised the mistake he did and went inside and tried to console his son.
    Parents should give sufficient time to their children and see that they will enjoy their company. Generally, mothers will be spending more time with the children but fathers should also spare some time for spending with their kids and entertain them for some time so that they will enjoy the company of both the parents.

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    #747438 Madam, for whom they are working hardly. If their children's future got spoiled what is the use of their good earnings. In many houses the children with lack of parents attention only dragged to evil activities and there is no meaning of worrying or suffering a lot with their money and the money is going to be used for their cure only.

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    Parents are of the opinion that their excess indulgence with their kids would make them indisciplined and this could cost them heavily. By going through this analogy, the parents especially the fathers keep a distance with their own children. As a result, an unusual silence prevail in their homes. The kids are suffering mental disorders due to such a discipline resulting in their bad performance in the examination apart from their loss of interest in the normal activities. However the situation is different in such families where children are considered the part of the families and the parents allow their children to ask any queries which they have in their minds. This creates a climate of healthy relationship for both children and parents making children more strong mentally.

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    Generally a father will be loaded with a dual responsibility. He has to work hard for earning money for running the family and for providing the facilities to the family members. Then he has to also give them time so that a family bonding is established and other members do not feel their isolation from the head of the family which is usually the father. Giving time means that he has to see if any member is having some problem which needs immediate attention and it is his prime duty to monitor that everything is going on smoothly and no member is doing anything wrong which can damage the reputation of the family and create complexities. Father has a role of monitoring and managing and if required taking a stern action also against the erring member if someone is going out of the track. These things are required to maintain a good atmosphere in the house. For good relationship, a good and congenial atmosphere is required.
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