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    Acceptance or rejection is not universal

    Acceptance or rejection is not universal. The item that I have rejected may be accepted by you.

    Different items will have different uses. You may accept a particular item for your defined use. That may be good for that use. But the same item may get rejected by others as that may not be suitable for their purpose. I accept a T-shirt with a pocket and I like to have T-shirts with at least one pocket. But my son never accepts a T-shirt that is having a pocket.

    The acceptance criteria will differ from person to person, purpose to purpose. In chemical manufacturing, various chemicals will be used in the process. The same chemical will be used in the manufacture of different items. But the acceptance criteria will be different from one industry to another industry. An item rejected by a manufacturer may be useful to another manufacturer as the product he is manufacturing will be different.

    Even in human beings also a person whom you consider good may be considered not good by another person. The qualities you look to consider a person good may be different from the qualities the other person is considering. It all depends on the perception of the individual.

    So don't worry if somebody is not accepting you and your ideas. There will be someone definitely who will accept you without any hesitation.

    This is my entry for the contest
    Topic based TOW contest for Nov '21- topic-'Acceptance'.
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    The author has brought in important matter of how we select the products and services to which others rejected for one reason or the other and we accept based on our requirements. For example choosing a new two wheeler to buy always confronts with various suggestions and advises, but we have to decide what we want and what is in store in the vehicle. Because the vehicle should be helpful for the family members to ride. If I like the bike, how my wife would use it and we cannot have one vehicle for each family members. And the usage of vehicle, its simple mechanism should also be known, as we cannot he held up for small issues. So your acceptance may be my rejection and my rejection may be your acceptance of any product or service. But we always tilt towards those advice which has far reaching impact on the matter.
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