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    Acceptance and Expectance-effect on human life

    As social beings, we all like to belong and accepted by others, at least in a limited circle. So there is an expectance to be accepted. There is some kind of expectation in most of our day to day dealings and transaction throughout our life. When we receive less than expectation, we generally feel desperate or unhappy. Main reason for many of our miseries is this gap between expectance and performance or actual happening.

    However if we do not keep any expectation and accept what is offered to us then it is Acceptance. Here it is a status of being just satisfied with what is being offered or received.
    That is, when we say expectance, there is always a chance of disappointment or desperation. However when we mention acceptance it denotes a contentment and satisfaction.

    In other words acceptance is of consent, agreement, willingness ,ability of tolerating, feeling of adequacy etc. Expectance is a 'condition of looking forward to something'. There is an eagerness, anxiety, 'belief that something will happen'

    This difference is very evident and relevance now because earlier centuries, humans had a real good sense of acceptance of nature and the miseries were less and contentment was more. Now there is more expectance and less acceptance. This leads to physical, environment and psychological strain which takes a heavy toll of humans.

    That is why Ancient Indian Gurus and Acharyas were insisting on acceptance and not harboring expectations.

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    A nice wordplay by the author about acceptance and expectance. And a very well narrated and informative write-up. We should all try to inculcate in our lives and understand the gap between two words not just literally but also in terms of their definition and meaning and their required and measured values.
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    While the acceptance is the agreed term whereas the expectant has the chance of amendments. While the acceptance occurs if we gave the consent and agreed to do the task. But expectancy as the high meaning and high regard because there could be more looking forward. For example in a class when the ranker is always performing that is accepted by the teacher would not spend more time on the student, whereas when the dull student started performing good and even surpassed the ranker, that is the highlight and teacher would have more expectancy from this candidate. And that eagerness mode in which the teacher would help the student would prove further that a dull person either too, has outclassed other performers in the class and thus proven that constant up-gradation of student would certainly help.
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    By nature humans expect from each other or society or even from their actions and deeds. The whole gamut of human aspirations is based on these premises. It is very true and well established that many people at many times in their lives mix up their expectations with their levels of acceptance because they would not accept anything like that until unless there is something there for them in it. So these entities are well related to each other but it is said that do your work and accept whatever is given to you and do not expect anything else. Such doctrines help us in having a peaceful life because expectation is the main source of grief and it is better to avoid it as far as possible. Many people are successful in such endeavour but the ordinary mortals yearn for it seriously and expect too much in every situation.
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    As human beings, we all will have many expectations and when the actual happening is not matching with our expectations we will get disappointed. But when there are no expectations whatever little you receive you will be happy. Gita is also telling the same. Do your Karma without any expectations. Accept whatever comes and go on doing your duty.
    In the olden days, people were living a very simple life and they have no expectations from anybody. But these days expectations are very high. A parent wants his son to be the State first. Even though he gets the second rank, the parents are not happy. In the same way, when the expectations are very high you will be left with disappointment only many times. A very nice narration by the author and he made a good attempt in making others understand the concept well.

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