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    How many days does it take to disburse the amount from ISC?

    After the uploading of the invoice, how many days does it take to receive the amount in your account. If any member is aware please enlighten me?
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    When the invoice was properly filled and uploaded with all bank details including IFSC code number the transfer of money from the ISC to the respective member accounts would be forthcoming within seven days of submission of the invoice. But there has been some delay since few months wherein the accounts are credited between 10th to 15th of every month. One thing is sure, the payment may be delayed due to online procedures and server issues, but the way the payments are made in transparent way need to be appreciated. However you have always have the right to send a personal message to the webmaster Timmy for the delay in payments if not effected to your account. And even during the pandemic when there was total shut down, the payment was forthcoming from ISC and that is the reality to believe.
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    From my experience for last 4 years I can say that ISC is very punctual in making payments when a member has uploaded the invoice correctly. Sometimes the payment may be delayed by few days but that is very nominal and is not of any serious significance. If you do not get the payment within 20 days of your submission of the invoice then you can make a request in the same box on the same page where you have uploaded the invoice that you had still not received the payment and within 2-3 days it will be made and you will see a message on the same page but much above that box that your invoice was processed. You need not to raise a separate thread for that.
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    I receive generally it before the 10th of the month if I upload my invoice on the 1st or 2nd of the month. Once or twice it may get delayed but it will never go beyond the 15th of the month. Once or twice I received it in 2 days also. There will not be any undue delay will be there for payment on ISC. That way this site is a very reliable site and we should trust the same. If there is any problem with your invoice also you will receive an alert and also an email from ISC and you can respond as per the suggestion given by them.
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