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    Accepting unacceptable realities is a helpful tool in life

    We all wish for several things and want to ensure that things happen according to our wishes. But it is a universal truth that life is uncertain and when something unpredictable happens, we don't want to really accept it. And, it is quite obvious that it is hard to practice acceptance when your wishes were different. But sometimes we have to choose and accept it even if we don't want to. And it is a reality and we can't change it.

    When we have some wishes and somethings happens against them, we have two options either accept what's happening or refuse it. In the first case when we choose to accept things as they are. We feel positive and have a peaceful mind. On the other hand, if we choose to refuse things that are happening against our wishes, we will have to struggle which can make us miserable.
    Though difficult but acceptance is a choice. It is also true that acceptance is not the end of things. Actually, by accepting things, we learn the power of acceptance.

    However, accepting things does not mean that we are agreeing with it or happy with it but just accepting it as we have no other choice. Accepting things also doesn't mean that we will stop our efforts to change them. Actually, we can start our efforts to change the situation anytime. Further acceptance is not a failure. Accepting things shows the strength of a person who can take the challenge of accepting things that are unacceptable and face them with courage and move forwards to his/her new success journey.

    In fact, acceptance is just an acknowledgement of the particular unacceptable happening situation. Fighting with reality is not good because it is too exhaustive and futile. So, we should try to accept the unacceptable reality and try to relax and live a peaceful life.

    Entry for Topic based TOW contest for Nov '21- topic-'Acceptance'.
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    The author has touched the subject of unacceptable reality. That's a very challenging situation for those who were expecting things to be normal to their expectations. When the things are not happening to our expectations, its better quit the situation rather accepting such thing which is not acceptable. By the way when we can make another try in a better way then why should there be compromise to accept the unexpected reality. And accepting the unexpected reality we are sometimes pushed to the unknown problems to which we are not even ready with plan to bail out. Though the power of acceptance is always lingering us to go for even unexpected way, but we must at least have the knowledge as to how to tackle the new situation. Not everyone would be easy with new unacceptable situation which was not expected.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many times we accept eventhough we have are not really wish to accept it. Certain things couldn't be changed. Instead of trying to change such issues accepting them as it is will give us peace of mind. Realities may not be tasty. But we have to swallow them even though we may not relish them. If we want to resist the same, we have to work against the wind and we may have to face a number of problems. As mentioned by the author accepting an issue will give us peace of mind and then we can think peacefully about bringing in the change required.
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    When we start accepting things, in fact, we not only give ourselves peace of mind, but we also give an assurance that the time to come will be better. After all, by running away from truth or truth, one has nothing to gain except sorrow and pain. But when we accept that it is now a part of our life then it simply means that this is our life now and we can never run away from our life then better embrace the truth and if you are not happy with the truth then try Do not bring such moments again in your life which you find it difficult to accept.

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