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    Would scientific progress be able to increase the longevity of human beings?

    The way scientific progresses are going on especially in the field of medical sciences, computer implantable chip technologies, biomedical and biochemical formulations etc we can hope that more and more progresses are bound to happen in these areas in the future and new solutions to age old problems would be found and implemented. In your opinion, do you feel that science one day will find answer to so many questions and would also be able to keep a human being alive for a long time say 200 to 300 years by using artificial stimulants or chemicals by prolonging lives? Is there a possibility of such things or science would never be able to achieve such unbelievable targets? Please share your views.
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    The author has the like to live for more years than stipulated and pinning hopes on science to have longevity of our live expectancy. Surely that is not going to happen, why because we are already born with the destiny written on the forehead and nothing going to happen beyond that. When the patient in serious condition admitted to the corporate hospital, where the doctor would start the treatment and yet ask the family members to have the divine intervention also. So where the science and medical science gone here. When the modern scientific methods are invented, they are only to know the new diseases and not the treatment to it. And in fact we are exposed to more risks in life through varied unknown diseases and therefore life longevity is not possible at all. By the way I enjoyed the thread and its content.
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    Anything can happen. We can't rule out. But chances are very very remote. The average life of the human being in various countries is improving and we have seen presently it is around 70 in our country and in some other countries it is up to 80 also. In the year 1800, the average life expectancy was around 26 years. Now it is 70. There is a considerable increase. This mainly happened due to the developments and inventions in the medical field only. In addition to that, the awareness among the people also increased. Healthy food habits and living methods are being adopted by many people. All these efforts put together is helping human being to have a longer life. So the life expectancy may go up to 100 in another 100 or 200 years. None of the persons on the earth as on date may touch that 200 to 300 years. However, we are all seeing the difficulties encountered by old people who are in their 90s. So what is the use of living for so many years?
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