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    How many thousands of Saranya kind of girls do we have?

    Saranya is the name of one of my servant maids, who works part-time. Her duty is to clean the garden twice a week, pour water on the ramp that leads to our house, and put up the "kolam" everyday. Apart from this, one two days in a week, she would mop and clean the first floor, of almost 750 square foot.

    And for this she gets paid Rs.1000/-, apart from the mandatory coffee. We also regularly give her old sarees ( just one year old), and other things that she could use. The most important point is that her husband has deserted her and would come to only have physical contact with her, once in a while. On all occasions, he would beat her up. She has studied up to the plus 2 level, but unfortunately complains that she cannot study any further as "nothing goes inside her head". Her marriage was an inter-caste love marriage.

    Her husband has an illicit relationship with another girl, and there are rumors that he has even married her. We really do not know much about this, but the 20 kg of free rice provided through PDS and her income of Rs.6500/- per month, is her only support, as she has to feed two small children and her mother-in-law who takes care of her children. After working in at least twelve houses during the day, spread over 12 hours, also gets her some food. in some houses. And if he to add insult to injury there are many in the township who accuse us of paying too much to this small girl!!!

    The Adanis and Amabnis have plans to sink in more than 2 lakh crores in solar power. Even if a fraction of that, from their profits goes towards a corpus, some social security can happen to the likes of Saranya., We have crony capitalism on the one hand and absolute poverty on the other.
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    Sivakumar, I would have deleted this thread but thought an opinion would be better. There are so many references which, I, as an individual, will never like to spell out. Is Saranya the central character of your thread? Or is it you? Rs1000/-, ration rice, sarees (note that special mention that they are not more than a year old). I agree that you are helping her, but is it worth claiming? I doubt. I personally feel that you should not have raised this thread if you are sincere and benevolent.
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    Unfortunately the poor remained poor in our country and there is no clear cut policy either with the state or the central govts to help them throughout. In this particular case, the plus point is that the girl is getting the support of mother in law and that is very touching. The girl has taken up the work of maid servant and living to eke on it. Now that she has been deserted by the husband, she cannot go out and fetch the job that is risky to her life at the young age. And being known of her past, people like the author's family and others are helping out someway or the other. Now what future holds for her is nothing. Just living and providing food for her child and no saving or nothing. Many poor lives ends with poverty by not seeing full bloom of life and in fact some are cursed to live with none to give the helping hand.
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    There are many ladies like that and there are many families who are helping them. So if we want to mention about each lady there will not be any end to it. There are many poor people and already the government is giving some help to them. Nobody is paying a free amount to these servant maids. You are paying as she is doing service to you. But why should we expect somebody to help them? The day she stops working in your house, you will stop paying her. I will also do the same and anybody will do the same thing. There are many companies spending good amounts on CSR for society. The companies can come forward to help society.
    Here the problem is with the husband of that lady and people who are good at human relations can reform such people and see that they will understand their shortcomings and improve their behaviour. One should think of rectifying the problems rather than allowing them to live in those problems permanently.

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    The author claims that such situations of poor servants are lead to poverty in addition to this they are getting tortured by husbands. Amidst they have to bring up their children to some extent. The pity on them only reveals in the author's posting. Similar situations are prevailing in almost every housemaids houses. But some housemaids overcome their such fate by themselves. Two of such housemaids in our area make up their mind free by keeping their responsibility in mind. One lady got a two wheeler by her own and take up household services for more houses for her son's feeding and education. Another lady took flower selling job in addition to her household services. Both the ladies' husbands destitute them and gone with another lady.
    So, the people are living with struggle.

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    Even the aunty that comes in our PG has a similar story. She has two children and a husband who is a drunkard and has become worse after the lockdown, he even left for the village when his family needed him the most. She does all the sweeping and cleaning in many houses, girls hostels, PGs and earns a similar amount but you will always find her smiling. And whenever a girl offers her any sweets, tea or any homemade items she gets delighted and shares stories from her childhood. We always ask her no matter what to make sure to get her children educated and she always says yes she will as she does not want her children to share the same fate.
    We can't help her much but we always try to and the worst part is she keeps so many fasts, worship for such a drunkard husband while working day and night.
    We asked her it is not necessary to do that but she is one very religious. Even during chatt puja which is such a difficult fast to do she keep on working. The double whammy here is she has to do work at home as well as outside and then do all these rituals and worships.
    It is already a troublesome job to be a maid and it gets way worse for a woman with so many responsibilities.

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    The most unfortunate part of the maid is that her life partner is not co- operating in the matter of household. She might be the single soul earning for the family and is trying her best to provide education and food for the entire family. Husband is nothing but the show piece of the family practically doing nothing for the betterment. Still worse is his bad practice of alcoholism snatching the hard earned money of his wife and for such an indecent act, he is never sorry for it. Any means of preventing him from doing so makes him furious often culminating with wife beating. If such husbands is taken to task with some society, tension of the family would be eased and possibility of reviving the economy is possible.

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