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    Keep your kids away from your gossip.

    Gossip is not always good and it is not always bad, it is not that we should never be a part of gossip because in the society we are a part of, many times we come across a situation when, being a normal thing, suddenly a discussion starts about another person and when the discussion turns into evil, we do not know. I have noticed many times that the elders of the family keep doing such gossips in front of the children, the elders probably feel that the children are busy with their games, TV, or other work and do not pay attention to their words but it is not so. . Children have a lot of interest in getting themselves in the matter or talk among the elders. Children's mind learns anything from every small incident at this age, so good examples should always be set in front of them and no such thing should be done in front of the children, whose image is created in their mind in a negative way. So if anyone really wants to be a part of gossips, please keep children away from it.
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    I am totally agreeing with the author that gossips should not done in the presence of children as they have every chance of venting the same in some context or the other in future. Children have much interest to learn many new things and that includes gossips of others. The other day the husband and wife want to visit the wife's parents house and the child has been asked not to reveal about it to anyone. But the mother in law is very clever and she knows how to extract the news from the grand child. While telling some stories she asked the child as to where they went and she revealed the truth. Now that the gossip of parents has not worked out and the child never kept the promise of not revealing. And never do wrong things in front of the child as the exposure would be done at any time and you will be at fault.
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    It is a good point raised by the author. But again I am going to drag everybody to the olden days. In those days our elders were not allowed us to sit with them when they are talking something serious or other wise. During that time they asked us (when we were children) to go inside for study or play and they continue their matter without our presence. This was a good practice but now some people opined that the problems of parents and house persons should known to the children as they are growing.

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    Yes, of course although studies have shown that gossips help in creating friends and there is a positive aspect of gossips as well but such studies apply to peers and people with same age groups. But involving children in the gossips of elder people is such a wrong thing and it can lead to changing the perspective of children while viewing society and can impact in a very negative way.
    In the formative years of the child, it is important for him/her to see the society through his/her own eyes, not through preconceived notions and gossips can instil such preconceived notions and prejudices in the minds of the child for the people around him./her.

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    It is always better to keep children away from conversations among the elders. Elders should not discuss all matters openly in presence of kids. We feel that they will not understand. But they will be sharp and they will catch one or two points and speak the same in presence of others.
    During my childhood. I was never allowed to sit with my father when he was discussing some points with his brothers or with my mother. He used to ask us to go out play and never talked openly in our presence. Even today in our house we will not talk about unnecessary issues in presence of the kids. We will talk only in their absence.
    Children are very open and then don't have any diplomacy also. It is always advisable to teach good points and ethics, morals to the children instead of talking unnecessary issues.

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    Gossips are something related to other people and discussed only during their absence. The conversation is a very casual one and there is no limit to what people say in gossip. Children learn from their elders and they always try to copy what they see or hear. If the children listen to the gossip and reveal it to the person about whom the gossiping was going on then it will create unnecessary trouble for the persons engaged in the gossip. Generally, positive traits of the other person are not discussed during gossip and only the negative traits or some unconfirmed issues are discussed. This creates an impact on the minds of the children and they become more inquisitive. If two people whisper between them in front of a child the child will become more interested in the whispering because the natural tendency of the children is to find out what is going on. During the gossip, at times the tone of the people become very low because of the topic and that can create more interest in the children. At that time if you ask the children to go out they may go out but will try to follow the conversation by standing behind the curtains/doors. To avoid all such things gossips must be avoided in front of children.

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