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    Is it right or wrong to have an age limit in the private sector?

    The process of determining different ages for the candidates appearing in various government examinations has always been a part of it. In this, age is determined on the basis of boys, girls, disability, or other parameters. It has always been normal for government jobs but now slowly private organizations are also following this process and fixing age for many jobs. In such a situation, those youths who were preparing for government exams for some time, but unfortunately due to any reason not getting selection, are now turning to private jobs. In such a situation, it may possible that a section is deprived of jobs, and it is a matter of concern.
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    For the private sector the right person for the right job is the main parameter to which they can go extra mile to pay more salary to fetch someone to suit them. I have seen those who retired from the government services are also taken into private sector at the best top position and some companies want to keep as honorary also. But youth who want a career in life should target the private sector first at the young age, and simultaneously can write the exams for the government services. Not that every one would get the govt jobs, and therefore at the right age the career should start with a good company and if starts at the young age, then the promotions would be fast and secure with high salaries. If the qualification is good and company wants the right candidate, there is no dearth for offering good salary by private companies.
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    There is nothing wrong with having an age limit for selecting people for jobs in the private sector also if you look at the issue from the employer's side. A private company that pays good remuneration to its employees will always definitely look for the best team. That is why they conduct campus interviews and take the fresh graduates. A fresh graduate will have the tendency of learning and he can be trained easily. So they take fresh graduates and train and tune them in the way the organisation wants. If they go for people of higher age the number of years the candidate can serve them will be less and they feel that output may be also less.
    However, in private industries, hard-working people will get more encouragement and receive career advancement.

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    Private sectors are interested for the aspirants capable of performing the jobs effectively. Though age might be one of the parameters of selection of the right candidate for the working class but for the executive levels, the management would be more interested to look for other parameters during the process of selection. They would go into the details of their accumulated experience in the line for which selection of the candidates is finalised apart from their abilities of sorting out issues related to the jobs. In such cases, the management would not mind in relaxing the age criteria set already in the board. The main focus of the private sector is to augment productivity with the set of managerial skill of the aspirants irrespective of their ages. Selection might be on the contractual basis with some specific tenure where the aspirants have to prove their potentials which might be tenable for further extension of number of years as decided by the management.

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    In a populated country like India there should be an upper age limit at which people are asked to leave and get retired. Of course after that they are free to do some other work based on self employment basics as per their capacity, capability, and ability. There is no bar on working after the retirement age. The point is that we have to make place for so many unemployed people in the country either in government jobs or in private industry jobs so that they are engaged actively and constructively in some work. in fact, If we go by logic and rationality then the existing retirement age should be decreased to 55 or so to create place for large number of young people who are struggling to get even a mediocre job today in our country. We have to bring them in the main stream in a positive environment so that they don't rust and go waste just like that.
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