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    You are the only version of yourself, don't try to make someone else be like you.

    How we want to be is depend on us and maybe even on our circumstances, but we become what we really want to be. It is understandable to make yourself your choice for yourself, but if you think that everyone is being like you are, then it is not possible.

    There is such a couple in my acquaintance, where the husband likes to be very disciplined and sincere and on the other hand the wife is very cheerful and bubbly nature, she likes to do everything with just fun while the husband wants everything with perfection. As far as the responsibilities of the family are concerned, both are very good in this matter. Both are fulfilling their responsibility very well.

    In this case, the wife does not have any kind of complaint, but her husband always has the same complaint that the wife is not disciplined, and he keeps on teaching her discipline and sincerity. If you yourself are living life by being sincere, then it is your choice but it is not necessary that you should make the people with you the same. Everyone has their own way of living life and we should allow people to live according to them. What is your view on this matter?
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    This is a good thread from the author that everyone as to live on the own version and not be imported or inspired character of others. The other day I met a young boy with unique style of dressing and hair style that depicted like aping some film actor. I just asked him casually did he copy someone from any film to pose like. He mentioned a particular hero of Telugu film and his outfit which he liked. Though it looks good and ravishing to see differently, but that is temporary. And coming to the point of husband being sober and wife being cheerful, that is the likes of each other to live and one cannot interfere. But overall give and take policy between the two would go a long way to have cordial relations. Perfection and fun cannot go hand in hand and therefore some restrictions has to be brought in to have good life.
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    If someone wants to be like others, again it is his/ her own choice but it would be more wrong when you make others as you want to make them. We should not force others for changing their way of life.

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    We can change our ways and means if we feel that by changing we will become better people. But we need not get influenced by others or we need not insist on others to get changed. We will be coming across many people and each man will have his own perception about his life and he will like to be happy and enjoy the life in the way he wanted. Even a wife and husband also may have different attitudes and there is no necessity that they should change. One should not insist others change.
    A distant relative of mine is very funny and she always spends her time very happily. Her husband is duty-bound and he maintains good relations with all. He always supports his wife and encourages her to be in her own way. We will see different people like this. You have seen a person who insists his wife change according to his likes and dislikes. I have seen a person who encourages his wife to be on her own.

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