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    Sunday fun - mini-writeups

    It's a lovely Sunday morning! Let's have some light entertaining writing activity to enjoy this day. Since it is the fifth day of the month, we will focus on the number 5.

    Write five sentences on anything at all. The next member has to write five sentences, starting with the last word of the previous response. Simple!

    A few interesting writeups will be awarded points and cc. Since it is the 12th month of the year, this will be a maximum of up to 12. Each member can submit up to two responses only, but these should not be consecutive. That is, if you write the third one, then you should not write the fourth also. The next response may be related to the previous one, but note that this is not a chain .story, so the next response can be totally unrelated and a separate piece.

    I will submit the first writeup and we'll go on from there.
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    It feels so joyous to step out onto the balcony and stretch with the sunshine on your face. One of those times when you are simply doing nothing at all, just quietly standing there, observing the happenings around you, tuning in only to bird twitters, not the e-noise of pings from devices. Such quiet happiness can be yours daily if you avoid the constant frenzy of having to rush through breakfast and get to your work desk or head out to work. Not much time is required to enjoy this moment in your day. Can't you spare even two minutes?
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    The next response should begin with the word 'minutes', retaining it in the plural.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Minutes after spending at the balcony there was the call bell indicating that new paper boy has come. Yes the day's news paper has arrived and it is the time to spend on having the current news known. Unfortunately the first page is filled with more advertisements than the news and we are asked to read the content in other pages. Who has the time to turn pages in the morning hours and thus I ended up glancing the head lines and came to know that nothing new for the day. And I thought the time spent at the balcony was really good because I was having the nature connect, and also having the touch of morning sun race on the body. So I again went back to the balcony.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    There is no need for anyone to mention with which word the next response should begin as members can see for themselves what is the last word of the previous response. I posted that response #747475 to give clarity for members to understand.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Balcony hasn't it become some kind of a privilege in this era of high priced housing and flats, made-up in stories one after another. To have a big balcony with flower pots in the sides and a nice view in front and a cup of tea in your hands and a simple winter morning becomes lively.
    In this tranquillity to look at the birds chirping and taking a sip of tea is wonderful.
    Even though suddenly your mom joins you and the morning becomes about chit chats but at times in this hustle-bustle of life, isn't these chit chats with our mother something we crave?

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    Craving is a normal trait for any human being. In the morning after having saluted the Sun from the balcony I switched on my mobile and started listening to my favourite songs. The flowers on the plants made me very happy. The different colours of the flowers are appearing just like a rainbow and the music is adding flavour to that. My soul is craving for more music but as I have to attend further programmes on a pretty Sunday, I came down and went for my bath.
    always confident

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    When I thought about the bath, the old memories of two types of baths came into my mind i.e. head bath (Abhyangana snanam), and the usual daily bath. In olden times after every 15 days or on festive occasions we used to have an abhyanga bath or head bath. For this, we used apply til oil applied from head to feet. Then Besan flour mixed with various ingredients is applied over the entire body. After drying up it was removed by rubbing with hands. Then by using soapnut juice, the head will be cleaned twice or thrice. This is what we called it an abhyanga bath. After this bath, we used to have a pleasant sleep because the entire body get a nice massage. Mothers used this abhyanga bath every day for newly born babies with hot water. Because of this, the babies used to have sound sleep for long hours, and thus they used to grow healthy. The other type of bath is, the daily bath done with soap.

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    Soap has become an essential commodity these days. Earlier, for many, the use of soap was limited and they used it mostly during the time of a bath. Now, you need to frequently wash your hands with soap and water and only when it is not available you can go for a hand sanitiser. By doing this regularly, at least many are becoming aware of the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. Use soap and water to wash your hands but do not overuse them, excessive use of soap can adversely affect your skin.

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    Skin is a very important part of our bodies. It is actually the interface between the outer world and our body. Skin is like a live envelope that protects us from outside environment in myriads of ways. It can also be thought as a tight fitting pouch on our body as if we are inside a bag made of skin. It has many roles to play like evaporation of water and cooling the body, protecting the thin and small arteries, absorbing the beneficial sun rays, and many more like that.
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    That's a good idea to have a healthy breakfast after taking a refreshing bath as morning breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives energy and nutritious substances required for the body. Breakfast means breaking the fast of night and when we wake up in the morning blood sugar gets low and we need to replenish it for the proper functioning of the brain and muscles in the body. Taking breakfast has several benefits such as it improves memory and concentration and helps focus on work, lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and also reducing the risks of heart diseases. Weight is also managed and risks of diabetes are also reduced.

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    Reduced intake of the food has become an important aspect in today's world. It is used as a therapy for the fat people for reducing the weight. The models and film stars use it as a tool to shape their bodies for the upcoming roles. There was a time when people did not worry or bother for the amount of the food they were taking. But today there are calculations for everything and the expert dieticians will tell us exactly how much food we have to take as per our daily activity schedule.
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    Schedule of anyone may or may not allow him for exercising daily. But it is quite essential in today's stress full life. Everyone should try to schedule a daily work plan wherein he/she must keep a scope of exercise. Even a light exercise such as walking is very helpful to keep the body active. Yoga can also be done on regular basis.

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    Basis of our life should be help yourself and help others, but often we find selfish people around us who wants to benefit from their share and also want a share from the others. That kind of living is the waste to the society and there cannot be progress at the cost of living in others money. And those who reached out to others are always remembered and cared in the society, after all we brought nothing with us nor we are going to take anything. Those who know how to spend on others and derive wholesome satisfaction has always been living in the heart.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Heart is an interesting word. Though biologically speaking it is the most important part in our body pumping blood day and night but in writings and literature it is used as if it has some feelings and sentiments. When love affairs end, hearts are often broken. When we are hurt we take things by heart. When someone gets a good success in one's life then we heartily congratulate him.
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    "Him" is a pronoun of privilege in a patriarchal society and those who know this privilege still shows the guts to break the gender stereotypes and does not make everything about their ego, the humble are the ones liked by everyone in the society. It is good to know about your privilege and working towards the good of society but knowing it and feeling proud of such a construct of society is something that should not be appreciated. It is just the conditioning of parents that makes you believe on your capabilities and not on the privilege based on class, gender and caste.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    A few good entries have come in. We will continue this for today and tomorrow and then close the thread. Please read the instructions properly.
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    Caste? why are you worried, I like you and you like me, so why should we think about caste, Raju told Rama. But Rama is more worried as her parents are not at all willing for intercaste marriage. Rama don't want to miss her parents and at the same time, she wanted to marry Raju. Raju is trying to make her accept to go for marriage even though the parents are not ready. Finally, Rama told, you give me some time so that I will convince my parents and Raju agreed to wait.
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    Wait, wait and wait is what every human being has to do. Though everyone thinks that waiting for anything is taxing, we should not forget that doing anything in a hurry would not yield the required result. Waiting at times: tests our patience, but if we deeply think, we can understand that in most cases, life gets rid of problems, and relations also become sweeter. A hurried action usually turns into trouble, if not always, but an action through wait and watch is an intelligent move. Let's be patient and make the right move in every aspect of life for a fulfilling result.

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    Knowledge is power.

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    'Result' word is used to express how something ended or the outcome of some action. We people lifelong wait for result. Nodoubt,We always fear from result. In childhood, we fear from school result and after growing up,we fear from Career result and on getting old, we fear from health result. Everbody wants good result and good result can be achieved through hard work only.

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    "Only one task at a time" is something that we're being told often enough, by parents or office colleagues. Yet, sometimes we ignore this instruction. Perhaps we are in a hurry to complete more than one task at one go, or maybe we just want to show off how much we can do! The end result, though, may not work out well. A half-finished task or a totally botched-up one is not something that anyone would approve of, which is what may happen when we attempt multiple tasks simultaneously.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Simultaneously handling many works can at times falter, but there is one section of people in this world who are efficient in managing multiple chores at a time. The homemakers efficiently perform the household duties single-handedly with just two hands, and they are not Goddess Durga who has ten hands. Married or unmarried ladies both lovingly manage various functions, be it of any relation, with utmost care and take care of everyone's need at one point in time. A lady knows well how to prepare a meal along with taking care of a patient, manage the newborn kid, even handle the temperamental child in one go. Taking care of many situations side by side is a regular feature at every home which a lady of the house performs quite efficiently every day.

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