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    Digitization has made the Nationalized Bank more service efficient.

    On the TV screen, on the one hand, the image of non-cooperation with the customer in government agencies, on the other hand, the best customer service in the shiny offices of private companies with the same customer, advertisements once attracted everyone's attention. But today that picture has changed a lot, now thanks to digitalization, customers are getting better-automated service. Especially in government banks, all kinds of facilities are available there and at home also.
    The reason behind this, I think, is not the competition or emotional change of the staff workers, but digital technology. What do you think? Share, please.
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    That is true. Digital banking has made the life of a customer very pleasant. We need not stand in a long queue staring at the officer at the counter who takes his/her own time to complete the action on hand. We have no say there and we have to be patient. If we request them also they say are you not seeing what I am doing. But these days we can do everything on our laptop from our home. This is made possible by the introduction of digital banking and we should thank the people who are able to make programs and the authorities who introduced these systems in banking.
    This is the era of the internet and the internet is helping us a lot in many ways. Not only in banking but also in many other areas also internet made our lives easy. For example, Railways reservations. Hell lot of time was being spent on getting a ticket reserved. We have to go to the counter and stay there for hours together in the queue. All these difficulties are not there due to the internet and online services.

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    Surely the digitization has made the banks to work more efficiently and there has been no need to visit the banks as the online transactions are going on hassle free. SBI has gone one step forward to even authenticate the income tax e verification through the ATM kiosk wherein on inserting the tax person card, the IT verification can be completed. Either too one has to send the hard copy duly singed by the tax payer and it would reach us back after few days. But the Digitization has made the banks jobs easy and only one problem that in the Mondays morning hours the server gets down slow or not functioning and thus we have to wait. Otherwise many things are being done from the home and the elders who used to visit banks now and then are completely avoided and every deal done by online.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Internet connection, digital technologies, email, online portals, efficient servers, and huge online storage facilities all these have made the great changes in the way the services are being rendered to the customer by so many organisations and business entities including banks. There was a time when simply for making a draft (DD) we had to go to bank and stand in the queue and then submit our application for it and then after a few hours only we got that ready. Today we are transferring or paying amounts for so many services just by a few clicks on our device whether it is a laptop or mobile. It is a kind of digital revolution.
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    I want to share one new experience gone through my friend concerned to the subject. Having come across a television ad by private finance company lending gold loans after they visit the home, assay and give the money at the home, my friend asked the nearby national bank to send some one for urgent gold loan to the tune of three lakhs as taking costly jewels to the bank en-route was risky. The bank immediately deputed the senior officer who came with assayer and even issued the online payment to my friend. It was really surprising that a nationalized bank has come to the door step of the customer and gave the gold loan. It seems there is competition from all round and the bankers need to survive and the digitization is making large help to give the customer service at the door step and next time pledge gold from the home.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One thing that has done a great help and relief in these matters is the SMS that we get in our registered mobile phone from the bank concerned. Whenever some transaction is there in our account we get a message in SMS and we are updated about it. This service has become so popular and useful that banks had even started to charge for it an approximate amount of Rs 60-70 per annum and in fact they are earning a lot of money from this communication system. As it is very useful we subscribe to it. So, digital technologies have not only made the banking a pleasant experience for the customer but has also created more revenue earning environment for the banks. This is definitely a win-win situation. We will be witnessing more and more digital transformations in the future as the technologies are evolving in a fast pace.
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