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    Feeding the need is a good chance to use

    Many celebrates their Birthday by calling every friends and relatives and by cutting a cake. I read in some newspaper that a lady of Andhra Pradesh celebrated her birthday in a novel way. She with the consent of her husband bough some umbrellas and food packets. She offered the umbrellas and food packets to the wayside poor and aged persons. This is really a good one.

    Similarly I saw an advocate friend of mine in our area used buy big packet full of mixtures every week. Once I asked him the purpose and he told that every day he used to put some quantity of mixtures in a bowl kept in his house open terrace in order to feed birds.

    A person in a house at KG Road Bangaluru, used to pour good water in the bowls kept in his house terrace I saw this when I stay in a lodge adjacent to the house.

    If we keep some flowers in the garden we can feed the butterflies, bees indirectly.
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    Donating food for a person who is hungry is the best help or service we can render in our lives. Our living will depend on food only. For a limited period, we may be able to manage with air and water. But for many days we can't manage without food. If a person comes to our house at the time of lunch or dinner, we should offer him/her food and then only we should eat.
    I have a habit of donating food on my birthday to 4 or 5 poor people who will be standing in front of the temple waiting for somebody to give them some food. I do this almost every year. During the COVID period in my native village, a person used to make curd rice and curry rice and make packets and distribute them to the people who are starving. Daily he used to donate to a minimum of 50 people.
    It is better to donate food always rather than give money. That is why in our childhood we saw people donating raw rice to the beggars but not money. But these donations are mainly in the form of money only.

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    Feeding the needy occasionally will also gives us immense satisfaction. Normally people spend money on huge party and cake cutting during the birthdays to remember. But what we were doing that for my boy and daughter birthday, we used to feed the cows, feed the poor with food packets and also feed the birds with grains. The way the cows on the road side would be waiting for our plantain banana to be fed gives the immense satisfaction as they actually grab from our palms and that is the level of their hungry. There is Sun temple in our area and the poor gathering on Sundays would be more. We always make it a point to prepare some Pulihora or tamarind rice and feed them to the poor in a plate, and they would eat it happily. And on the tank bund road, the feeding of Kabuthar takes place whenever we pass through.
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    True, I totally agree with the author. This is really a very noble step through which not only do we help others but also make our own life worthy. God has not only given us a precious life like a human being so that we can earn and take advantage of the comforts of life by spending it for ourselves and our loved ones but this human life will be considered successful only when we think for the good of others along with us. When we find such people around us hungry, poor, sick, then we should understand that we should give whatever help we can to them so that we are able to work to some extent to reduce the sorrow of their life. There are many ways to help someone it all depends on one wish if you really want to help those poor or any creature of this world you are definitely able to do so, and whenever you will feel bad for someone then go and think, you will find a way to make them happy.

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