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    A friend is a person who is ready to sacrifice

    I read in one book.
    There are two persons in a hospital room as got admitted. There is a big screen between them kept by the hospital people. Both patients initially have casual talk and day by day they become friends. One patients bed was at window side of the room and the person on the other side used tell him that he could see the outside world through the window. The window side patient calmed him with the words that he narrate everything seen by him over the window. Accordingly he was telling some thing daily. One day the patient at the window side expired. The other side patient asked the hospital attendant to shift his cot to the window side. After coming there he shocked to see that there was the hospital wall only and nothing to see as narrated by the friend. He realized that the friend told all such events as if he seen through the window were to console him only. By seeing tears in his eyes the nurse came to give medicine asked the reason. This patient explained everything. Nurse calmly told him,"The tears you shed are really true. Your friend is a blind actally."
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    Excellent story from the author. The people who try to make their friends happy are real friends. That is true friendship. A person who is ready to sacrifice for the cause of friendship is a real friend. When we have a pocket full of money, many people will be around saying that you are their best friend. But when you are in problems the same people will not come near you and behave as if they never know you. Such people can't be called friends.
    These days the definition of friendship is entirely different and all of us will have many friends on Social Media But none of them will come for your rescue or you may also not go for their rescue also.
    Karna in Mahabharat is a true example of a good friend. He never ditched his friend and he rejected the offer given by Krishna that he will be made king if he comes to tie side of Pandavas but Karna politely refused and stood with Duryodhana and lost his life in the war.

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    Until I read the last word, the story was encouraging me to have the climax known before hand, but the last two words has calmed the reading. From this story many things can be observed. That two strangers can become strong friend over the course of time as both are in the same room separated by a screen. That their illness has brought them to the hospital from which they cannot move and has to satisfy with talking each other. That the patient who was at the side of window was describing about the ongoing outside to the other patient and that was like live happenings daily. And one day the narration stopped and that window side patient expired. When he sought to shift to the same window, this patient was baffled nothing as such and that expired person being a blind, was imagining things on his own way.
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    This story has become an example of friendship, did not know, maybe on this forum but I have read this story and it is really a very emotional story. When we are very close to a person, then our effort is to keep our special friends happy in their bad times, rather we try not to face any problem in their life. Just as that friend did not let his friend lose courage, similarly courage becomes the identity of friends. Friendship is a relation that we choose for ourselves and a day comes when it becomes one of the best or closest relations of our world.

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    Friendship is a great relationship. It is different from the family relationships and the relationship we have with our relatives. When there is a bond of friendship between two people then they don't ask each other for anything and voluntary do good for each other. A true friendship is only established under these premises. In a friendship if a person extends even a very small help to his friend then it is considered as a big thing. That is the beauty in this relationship when people are in real friendship. A good friendship is generally considered as a great gift because there are no expectations attached to it. Whatever the friends do for each other they do it from their sides without the other person asking for it.
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    I have read this story before but in a slightly different manner where the other patient who was paralysed and could not go to the window. But after the death of his friend he feels he need to see that scenery outside and with his will power got up from the bad and crawling he reached the window side only to realise that there was no such thing and the other patient told him all those stories just to motivate him. I read this story in the context of willpower. Nevertheless, I still like the story no matter what version it is, because it shows the dead patient's optimism towards life even though he knew he will die soon he never let that bother him from motivating the other patient.
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