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    Work from home or work of the home.

    As soon as the epidemic had knocked, the work from home era started which is going on to date. Of course, people were happy with this as people were able to live with their families and are working largely in their comfort zones. In most families, both husband and wife are doing the job or we can say both are doing work from home. But is not this work from home becoming work of home for women?

    It is not that I started this thread to discuss the status of women or any such, but I have mentioned what I have seen in most families. I see that men are doing work from home and their work is given equal importance, but a woman who is doing the same work from home, underestimating the value of her work, disturbs her again and again for household chores.

    It may not be so in some families and husband and wife are working wisely but the neglect of other family members increases for women when women work from home and this situation harms their office work.
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    I do understand what the author want to say that when even the women work from the home for the office, she is often get disturbed to attend the household work, whereas the men are sitting in their table for hours together and demanding the beverages now and then as if they are sitting in the company canteen and ordering things. There has been face off, quarrel between the families over this issues in the recent past and even children have been advised not to disturb the parents who are on line job works. Actually other house members felt that online work is the blessing in disguise and even the house works can be attended but most of them proved to be working for more hours and house works are not at all attended. So many wants to return to office because, they would have some leisure and meeting friends.
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    Yes, the burden of work on a woman has increased instead of getting reduced in some scenarios as in earlier cases they still had at least a few minutes of rest in office but being in home they are expected to do a lot more. And especially in the case of joint families if families are supported things become very good but when they are not supporting it increases mental frustration as well since such members expect the woman to be free and work round the clock doing office work as well as household chores.
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    Probably many cases that are seen by the author might have made her come to such a decision. I have seen different types of cases. I know a family where both the wife and husband are working in the software industry. They two only stay. No children yet. They have a servant maid who will do all the work in the house and they have a cook for taking care of the kitchen. As such both of them will never have any work in the house to do. She will go to the gym and swimming and that boy will go for sports. There is no disturbance from one to other. I have seen another family where the boy will take care of the kid when his wife is busy in her work from home program. When he has some work she will take care of the kid. They manage as per the situation.
    My two sons are also working from home. But both of them help their wives in taking care of the kid. The kitchen will be taken care of by my wife and sometimes my sons will also help in cooking. It all depends on the situation and the importance of the work to be carried out.

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    So far the working women remain under pressure especially when she has to manage her duties in the office apart from the her responsibilities in the domestic front. With the appearance of corona, she has to manage her jobs online but at the same, she is frequently disturbed by her own kids asking her to clarify subject related issues or might be the maid has not turned up for her domestic service., Under such strenuous situations, if she successfully manages both the jobs, credit goes to her for managing two jobs simultaneously.
    However in some families, the husbands are even cooperating in managing the household jobs. In that situation, housewives are considerably relaxed due to the maturity of their husbands in taking up unfinished assignments. Psychological support of the wife would certainly alleviate her undue tension.

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    Both the things. The one benefit out of the work from home is enabling a person to do his personal work without taking leave but can do the remaining office work in the late hours.
    However a joke I read in some magazine.
    An officer shouted at his subordinate over phone. 'Why you are not picking up the phone immediately when I rang up but your wife only replied that you are in kitchen? Is it the way of your work from home?
    The subordinate calmly told,'Sir, Immediately after coming from the Kitchen I rang up your number but madam told me that you are washing utensils.'

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