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    Give value to money even if it is in small numbers.

    Many times a person starts fixing the value of money on the basis of his status and starts giving value to it on that basis. We should not forget that money is money, even if it is less in number today, but by adding to it, we increase it to make a big amount. Some people, for whom even 500 rupees is a common thing, if they get a 10 rupee note, then perhaps they do not even keep it in order, but keep it somewhere carelessly, and we can see this in many houses where people put the small number of money here and there. When a poor child gets these 10 rupees, then the happiness on his face is unparalleled. Whether money is less or more, there is one's hard work to earn it, so not only we should respect money ourselves, but also teach others to respect money.
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    I value money whatever amount it is. It may be because I had seen financial difficulties and its impacts very early in my life-in my childhood itself. I never hated nor wasted money even if they were pennies. I knew the value of addition, accumulation and compounding.

    Whatever I could have now is only because of my prudent habits of spending and prudent saving. I followed the habit of prioritizing expenses, keeping them always within the income and ensuring that I save at least a few rupees every month. I used to have a god financial discipline. Even now I follow those well cultivated habits.

    I have happily accepted the one rupee and two rupees of cash credits from ISC. I never despised money and treated one rupee coin, ten rupee note or five hundred rupee note with equal respect.

    One rupee was able to fetch us a lot of things many years earlier. I had experience of the same in my childhood. But money was a rare commodity for us then.

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    Very nicely said by the author. When we were the child on seeing a 25 paise or even ten paise coin we used to feel the world is in our palm and that could fetch something to eat and that is wholesome satisfaction with friends. Now a days I am seem there is no value for money as small denominations of five and ten were kept here and there and not even accounted for. The people have become so rich that even while sharing to the beggar they do with 50 or one hundred rupee notes. And having received such big the beggars when we part with coins are seeing our face with question mark. This I have realized personally that the begging power is also increased thanks to the habits created by our own people. So what ever be the denominations the money need to be respected as it was earned hard and need to give the right place.
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    Money is a very important entity and we must respect it with total sincerity. It is said that if we don't give respect to this then it also reciprocates with us in the same way. Money is money and it doesn't matter whether it is small or big. For a poor person even a small amount matters a lot. If we take care of small amounts of money and keep accumulating then we can say that we truly respect the old saying that little drops make an ocean. I remember when I was in my class 4 or 5, one day I got a coin of 50 paisa lying somewhere on the roadside unnoticed and in a very hidden position and it was just a sheer chance that I caught a ray of light reflected by it. I was excited, thrilled, and happy beyond description. In today's perspective it would be at least equal to Rs 60 to 70. I had a week long celebration with that by buying small toffees and candies. Money is money and even a small amount sometimes looks quite big. Should not we respect it?
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    Money is an important component in our lives and without which all our activities would be paralysed. Even a small coin of Rs five or ten if accumulated for a year would grow to a respectable amount fetching a pair of dress for a common man. For many of us, the values of small coin are insignificant and are being kept carelessly. It is some extent correct that for the affluent class people currency below Rs hundred does not bear importance but there are a lot of people in our country where people are struggling hard to get Rs hundred on daily basis to defray their expenses. Hence we must respect the value of money at all the cost and must make a practice to part some money allowing to grow it to a significant amount with a fixed time. Such an accumulation can offer us substantial relief while purchasing any item for which we were waiting eagerly.

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    Every penny earned with hard work and saving is a lot of value for the person who has earned it with effort. We often don't realise the value of money when we are getting it from someone else. For example- till the time we are spending our parent's money we don't much think about it. But when it is our own earning we value it a lot more.
    Money teaches its own value to everyone. No matter how much one has he/she still aspire more which is not a bad thing, with money comes the idea of progress and desire. When one becomes too much complacent and don't think about the growth he.s/she does not value money much.

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    That is true. Whatever may be the denomination, it got its value. So we should not neglect. When we donate Rs.10/ -to a bigger, he feels very happy. So if you feel you have many ten rupees notes instead of throwing them here and there donate to such poor people so that they will have their food with that money.
    I have seen people who count coins and keep them carefully so that they can use them when a need comes. I remember my childhood days, my father used to ask me the details of expenditure for a rupee he had given when I was going out. I have to return him the remaining change after telling him the expenditure. So I know the value of money and I never keep it carelessly.
    But these days some young people who are getting good money from their parents are careless and they never keep a track of their expenses and income also.

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