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    Old beliefs and traditions can be modified with rational and logical mind

    There are many things which happen in our lives or happening around us time and again and we never bother for them as we never consider them or analyse then from a rational and logical mind. We just accept them because they were also happening in past and are accepted by everyone in that fashion. In every religion or every sect or every society or every community there are some traditions and beliefs which might not be logically correct but because everyone is following them and not following them becomes as if we are ignoring our community and going against it and so these things get continued in our life. If we critically examine some of these things from rational and logical mind then we can always modify them to be adopted as per the needs of modern times. Any community which thinks in that line will definitely prosper and progress. What are your views on this?
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    As humans and human society, we are not the first in this world. Human species was existing on this Earth since millions of years. The present humans have evolved over so many thousands of generations. There may be still more evolutions to follow.

    The changes occurred or consciously made are absorbed and imbibed by the following generations. They may also amend or shed those traditions and even may add new styles. Even in the same generation there can be various changes.

    This is happening for so many centuries and/or millenniums. So the title statement "Old beliefs and traditions can be modified with rational and logical mind" is just a reiteration of a happening fact only.

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    Old beliefs and traditions were followed then are still being passed as legacy and the present generation are also doing so. For example if the Hindu marriage has to be preformed, it must be with Dhoti and saree combination and we cannot impose that the marriage be held with court suit and Salwar dress for the female. And when the old custom is to serve the food on the plantain leaf, one cannot opt for buffet type of offering the meals on the paper plate or plastic plates. These are some of the old arrangements which we were following since the ages and there cannot be any deviations. And the author asking for a rational thinking with logical mind and introduce new way of doing things may not be accepted and there are even chances that people would walk away from the event if the old customs are traditions are given a burial.
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    Things keep on changing. We ourselves are seeing the difference between our previous generation and our next generation. Traditions and beliefs are changing and getting new shapes and forms. This is a continuous process. New things will evolve through various changes in the existing beliefs and traditions. The only difference is earlier days people used to have faith in their elders and used to follow them without asking any questions. But the present generations are not like. Asking 'why' and ' what' is very common these days. Unless otherwise, they see a reason they will not follow. This is very prominent these days.
    Irrespective of religion, caste or creed every person is looking for logic in every aspect. But finally, it is proven that the changes that are taking place are only a modified version of earlier practices. Change is a continuous process and it is definitely for the betterment of mankind.

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