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    The right business idea is the key to success in the modern market.

    The right business idea is the key to success in the modern market.
    Money is needed to do business, this has been prevalent since ancient times and you shouldn't go into business if you can't raise a large amount of capital.
    Is that really correct in the modern scenario? Or is it possible to start a business with little money with innovation, skill, and creativity?
    What types of business will you do? Whether it is small or big in size, it is not very important now, give a quality service through your business whose demand is always high, you will be successful. You can also see in your own locality that there is no customer in the big shops but there is a lot of crowds in the tea shop next door, which means that the tea shop is serving some special quality tea. which is not available in that area. So when it comes to starting a business in today's market, the selection of a business is the most vital. What do you think?
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    I am fully agreeing with the author that one should have the right business idea to flourish and be in the market. For example the restaurant business is a flop in our area as already so many eateries which are doing brisk business daily for few hours from early morning to afternoon have established their taste and continued with regular customers. The Udupi kind of restaurant were utter flops in our area as people are habituated to take parcel or eat while passing through the area. And restaurant providing seating arrangements with increased cost has no takers. This I made known to a famed chain of restaurant which opened in our area. He said the hotel would offer best quality and lots of Kannadigas are there who would support. Unfortunately the hotel was removed and moved to other place for survival.
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    Doing a business successfully is a very difficult proposition and that is the reason why many people prefer a job rather than going for a business. Doing a job is relatively much easier as one has to work for a fixed duration and then go to his house and relax. On the other hand a shopkeeper has to operate as per the demand of the customers and wait for them in the odd hours also. Doing business is always full of risks and challenges. The technological advancements are making many businesses out of the market within short time and the business house has to immediately divert its manpower to new areas for surviving in the tough business environment. It is clear that business world is definitely a tough and last option. Anyway everyone is not so lucky as to get a good job and enjoy life. So many people have to choose the business as a profession. Whichever business line one chooses, there will be so much competition there that one will have to find strategies of luring the customers either by providing high class services or selling the items at a low margin. Some people are able to innovate new ideas and items for generating a new business but that is one out of the thousands innovators who are really able to achieve it. The area in which I am living, there are so many shops and a big market but every month I see some shop closing and someone grabbing it for a new business. Many people incur big loses in business. We are only seeing those businesses who are getting success.
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    The author is absolutely right, before starting any business it is very important to know that that business should be started in a systematic way. To start a business, some people think that only money is the main parameter but it is not so. Yes, it is true that money is necessary but at the same time, it is necessary to have good and big thinking for a successful business, hard work, and patience. Many factors are decided even before adopting the idea for a business, and only then the business should be started.

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    A know a person who was working as an attender in a company. He was supplying tea in the administrative office in the factory. In that process, he developed some closeness with the Managing Director of the company.
    In that factory, the second quality material was being given at a low price to the employees for their personal use. This attender requested his MD to give him more material of the second quality so that he can supply it to his friends and relatives at a better price and he can make some profit. The MD accepted. That is how his business journey started without any investment. In a span of 10 years, that person has become the best seller of that material and he started his own agency and now he is a leading supplier of that material in that state.
    Why I have mentioned this here is for a business the main quality is that the person should a zeal and inclination and should be able to work hard. Then small, big or very big business will shine and give good progress to the person.

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