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    India and Russia ties goes brighter with far reaching agreements on 28 pacts

    The world has been stunned and the US has been cornered as India and Russia ties goes brighter with far reaching agreements on 28 pacts in defense, trade, energy, culture, space and other fields. The crucial among them is the supply of S-400 missile arsenal from Russia which has already started delivering. Though India has been the preferred partner of Russia in many trades since decades, but the support of Russia in the back drop of Chinese threat is commendable. Do you think US would impose sanctions on India and would make rules that is against our people staying in that country ?
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    A very timely post, India is a friend of Russia, so such an agreement has been made before also, as a result of which both countries have benefited. I don't think America can do anything directly for this? The benefits that Russia did to India during the war against Pakistan in 1970 for the independence of Bangladesh are not to be forgotten. Other countries, including the US, were forced to retreat in support of Russia, and India won.
    So if the relationship between the two countries remains strong, any other country will be afraid of them. At the same time, both will be on the path of overall improvement in the cultural ties between the two countries also.

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    Actually US got rattled with Russia coming more closer with India.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    India is always close to Russia for many years. Our country was never had any direct enmity with any country except 2 or 3 neighbouring countries. Earlier also we have made many agreements with Russia. When USSR was in existence there was a slight inclination towards that country. But after USSR got divided India had good relations with Russia as well as the USA. So I feel there will not be any impact of this agreement in our relations with the USA. The relations existing now will continue. It is good if China and Pakistan gets some fear with this agreement.
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    India and Russia had many trade relations in the past and it is good that the practice is still continuing. It will definitely be a better thing also in the making of political relations in Asia as Russia is one of the world's top power and having good relations with it would give India an edge in these matters. Having good relations with Russia does not mean having bad relations with US. India had never made relations with any country with that type of intention or purpose. Our aim was always to have good relations with others and benefit by the mutual trade between us. I remember, earlier also India had technological collaboration with Russia in a big way and we had used all types of Russian machinery at that time though same was available from the US and European sources. There was a very big cooperation in the oil and gas exploration and exploitation field with Russia and our engineers got very elaborate trainings there to learn the intricacies of that industry. So our friendship with Russia is quite an old thing and we both are benefited by it.
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