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    Not vaccinated then no entry to public places. Is this rule justifiable ?

    Now that the new variant of virus is starring at the people across the country, the respective state governments are advised to take strict actions on public and in this regard some of the states and even the district administrations has imposed on rules on those who are not vaccinated has no entry to public places. Thus rules cannot be imposed as there is no proper mechanism as to who has been vaccinated and some were already issued with certificates of being vaccinated and in this regard Is this rule justifiable to impose such restrictions ? Please respond with the situation prevailing in your area.
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    I don't think it is wrong at least people will try to get vaccinated due to this fear but there is also a negative side to it as many people have made certificates without even getting vaccinated in many village areas. And recently data from Bihar showed names like Priyanka Chopra and a few others in the fake lists of people who are vaccinated. But in a country in India where people lack so much awareness, I think fear works better in some places, and the funny part is- it is not the fear of diseases itself but the law.
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    There are some people who have resistance for vaccine due to so many rumours in the social media. Then there are some poor people who want to have it but due to long queues in the free vaccine places they are also reluctant to go there. But one thing that is so clear in this matter is that there has been a phenomenal vaccination so far in our country and I would say it has been more than the expected figure. Now to accelerate this process further and pressurise the people to go for it, some stern action is required especially in a country like ours where it is a habit of people to resist and oppose whatever the Govt does. Some people even look for some political mileage out of it. Hence I feel that this step is required for a good compliance in the matter. Moreover we are now talking of a booster dose for them who had taken the vaccine quite some time back and now more emphasis might go for the booster dose and it is imperative that first all the people should have the primary doses then only we can think of the booster ones.
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    If such a regulation is framed by the state government prohibiting the people to go to the public places at their will. Indirectly, such a rule henceforth would create some sort of panic among the people having not taken the vaccination- dose as required to maintain corona. Protocol. Keeping in view of the spread of omicron - a new variant, we all need to adhere to safety norms related to this disease.
    We should follow the same norm as adopted earlier and if there is any lapse regarding administration of the vaccination, the same should be administered without fail so as to restore confidence in themselves. Had there been public awareness for this virus, introduction of such a strict rule would not have required.

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    This thread reminds me of an incident from last week. A few days back I decided to visit a mall and I went with my sister. There the guard was standing at the gate, who was checking the certificate of vaccination of the people in the form of mobile or hard copy. It took me some time to get my certificate as my registration was done by someone else then that person sent me my certificate which I showed in the mall then I got entry. I also felt some inconvenience in all this later I felt that perhaps this is appropriate for everyone's safety.

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    When the vaccines doses are given for free, why hesitation to have it ?
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    That is good not only for the safety of the individual but also for the safety of society also. People who are getting vaccinated are getting partial vaccination or complete vaccination certificate in digital form in WhatsApp. All the people when they go out will definitely carry their phone with them and they can show the certificate to the authorities. It will make all the people get vaccinated definitely. Again the government of Telangana started imposing fine for the people who are not wearing masks in public places. But I am still seeing many people without a mask or a mask on their chin.
    It is very necessary for people to follow all the protocols for keeping the virus away. If any spread again the country will face a tough task and financial position of many people may become very difficult.

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    Almost all state governments are stressing the importance of having vaccination in all modes but in spite of this, there are people among us without having even first dose. I do not what makes them to hesitate in having the injection. In some places they offer gifts for those who get vaccinated. The recent rule is a third degree - first saama (advise), second dhaana (complimented), third bedha (neglecting) and finally the fourth is dhanda (penalizing). It is one way correct, I believe.

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