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    There are jobs but there are no eligible candidates, when will that day come?

    Unemployed people around, educated people wandering around all day for a job, did anyone notice his mental state when he was on his way home after getting nothing? The pain of not being able to do so draws him into the darkness day by day, and the ignorance of the intellect of judgment devours him from within. What is the way to get rid of this problem in our society? I think creating an employment field all around. But who will do it? When will such an image be created in our country at least? When there will be no unemployment, there will be no poverty. Can we hope for that day? What did you say?
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    I do understand the mental state of those who have been trying for jobs and end up nothing by the day ends and fresh approach begins the next day. But after reading this post my thoughts went to my father's days when he got the central govt job in Defense accounts department at that time there was no interview but a mere recommendation of another relative working in the same office and they just called in asked the name and qualification and not even verified the certificates, then offered the seat for employment. Surely such kind of situation may not arise but what I feel that approach of candidate to right job is not being done with full will and therefore in some core sectors there are vacancies and still people are not forthcoming to pick the jobs. One such job is the Chemical engineering attached process engineers.
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    I do appreciate the mental agony of the youths of not getting ordinary jobs despite their over qualifications. Sometimes they are told that they are not eligible for the particular post because of higher qualifications. If they are called for the posts matching their qualifications, they are not selected because of their poor performance in the interviews. The ultimate result is that they undergo through the bout of depression and sometimes their depression is irreversible because of their negative feelings. As the time progresses, getting a suitable job for a youth has been rather difficult.
    I recall up the old days dating back 1955, when my uncle got a job in DVC because of recommendation of boss of the same organisation and finally he had landed in a job in the Horticulture Department. Those were really the golden days of grabbing jobs in the different fields.

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    It is not only today that we are having such a difficult situation. In fact unemployment was there since decades and now it is further increasing. Our population is our strength as that gives us sufficient manpower for every activity major or minor but at the same time this massive number of people has become a curse for us as the jobs are limited and contenders are in millions. Is there any solution? There are but that requires a strong action from the top and compliance at the ground level. One solution that comes to my mind and for which there will be a nationwide resistance is to rationalise the salaries of the Govt and private servants and if required even decrease it and instead of taking 18 hours work from the same fellow in the private sector and paying him more we have to take work from two persons 9 hours each or three persons 6 hours each paying half or one-third time salary. This may look like a theoretical proposition but such drastic steps are required if we want to create jobs for the millions of unemployed people. It is not that the Govt does not know this but courage is required to do such things which would eventually bring jobs to so many people.
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    The pain that an unemployed youth goes through is indescribable! Being without work and facing rejection is a huge setback. Unemployment has been there for decades but the way it is increasing, and the concerned authorities watching as mere spectators is surprising.

    The persistent pain, disappointment, stress that an unemployed youth gets is beyond our imagination. They are much stressed and at times, feel strong suicidal tendencies! To stop unemployed youth from taking extreme steps, govt must take some strong steps and help them earn their living respectfully. And not let them wander here and there for looking the jobs that are not everyone's cup of tea!

    There are many areas where vacancies could have been filled but that is not done. Indeed, everyone can't get a government job but have governments fulfilled the vacant position. So I think the government is also responsible and does not care well for the people. At the same time, it is important to encourage the unemployed to start their venture and beat the unemployment rate in the country. But for that govt. has to support and provide instant help through subsidies and fulfil other formalities to complete the process of starting their businesses.

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    Opportunities are less and seekers are more. That is the main problem and as the population is increasing unemployment is increasing. More colleges. more schools. more qualified people. But chances of employment are not growing in that proportion. That is why this unemployment problem is becoming more and more and we are not able to solve this problem.
    People should start thinking about earning through business or self-employment and other activities instead of waiting for a job. More and more people should start thinking in that direction. Productivity should increase and we should stop all imports and exports should be increased. In such a situation we can see better chances for the people. People should think of acquiring skills and start taking up jobs on their own and earning instead of thinking of a monthly salaried job. All said and done, population increase should be controlled for having better opportunities.

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    The title of this thread is quite ironic and sarcastic. Obviously, there are no jobs whereas innumerable well qualified youth are on the job of seeking emploment. It is very true when a young man who desperately needs a job gets no hope of job finds himself disappointed and sometimes, this disappointment causes depression or suicide also. Governments have onus to provide employment to these jobless youth.
    They are protesting to get vacancies but it looks so bad when they are thrashed by police and driven away forcibly. I saw a video on social media they were crying and complaining against police atrocities.

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    Unemployment has really become a big problem, which is making the youth of our country weak from within, and to some extent, they are losing their confidence in themselves. Even after studying for a long time, when a person does not get employment, then his economic and social as well as mental condition starts getting affected. Although it is said that a learned person does not get busy and a talented person does not reach his destination at some point in time, but more delay in tax times also disappoints the person.

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