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    If many things need to be purchased, do you keep the list to follow ?

    Those who fetch groceries and other items to the home regularly would face the problems of misremembering the things sought at the home and we end up forgetting not buying the important items. And if the house is located in remote area where nothing is available, then fetching things from far of places or while coming to home has to be carefully planned. Now a days even door delivery by stores and shops are also possible, but somethings need to be sorted and purchased and in that case do you keep the list to follow ? or simply remember the items in the mind ?
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    This is a very interesting post raised by the author. There was a time when I never bothered for the list and usually remembered the items which I had to bring from the market for using them in our household. So far so good and life was very comfortable. While crossing my age around 55 or so, I found that sometimes I was bringing the things required but forget some items which were incidentally very important in that lot. Whether it was due to my advancing age or lack of memory I was forced to make a list of items before leaving the house and that practice still going on. In fact today some other people are doing this job for me but if required to be done by me occasionally then I cannot imagine to go out without a list at the present juncture.
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    I was not in a habit to make a list for the items to be purchased from the shop but depended upon my wife for the items to be brought back from the market. In the entire month, we attended grocery shops three or four times to have the articles needed to us. However such a way of purchase has been stopped henceforth.
    Purchasing of groceries has been rather easier making the entire order in a buck through the shopping malls after making a list of the articles needed for a month. Bill is footed through the debit card. In this process, a little care is required in logging down all the items required for a month. My wife takes enough care ensuring that no item is included in the list which is already existing in the household.

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    Forgetting is a normal habit of people. We remember everything that has value in our eyes. If forgetting the same thing may plunge us into any trouble I don't think any of us dare forget it.
    The issue that the author has raised depends on how our memory is strong. It hardly happens with me that I forget anything while purchasing commodities or any item in market. However, If I have any doubt I may contact home to refresh info regarding required items.

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    It is very difficult to manage the marketing of daily needs because the one who does not do it can never know how many things are needed in the family. And go to the market with the list before shopping. Buy everything with the list. Come back home, you will find more new lists of goods coming out from your family. So there is no end to buying the things of the family. So I think you will buy whatever you like, keeping in mind the necessity of family. Otherwise, your sufferings will continue. Thank for the thread.
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    Seven years before I normally went to shop with my wife and I just went with her as a paying person as she was managing entire household requirements. Later after her demise, I used to have a list of items before going to shop and carefully holding a bag of sufficient size bag with me. Once my brother who is in Madurai told me to have a cloth bag always in pant packet (as practiced by him) for emergency purpose. I started to keep so and find that practice helped me to buy some interested items when we see on the way to house.

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    Every month on the 1st or 2nd we will make a list of items to be purchased for that month to manage the kitchen. My wife will be the decider. She will tell the requirement and one of my two sons will note down the items and the list will be ready. Then we will order some items online and the remaining items we will get from the market.
    We have had this practice in our family for a long time. My father and mother used to follow this system of making the list of items required and we are continuing the same. I feel it is always better to follow this system so that we need not run at the last minute to the market.
    Generally, when we have any function in our house also, we will make a list of actions to be taken and name somebody as responsible for that action. We will review the progress once in a while and make any changes if required so that all the arrangements will be completed on time.

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