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    Time to bury the one party concept

    A blatantly communal party that claims to be the guardian of the Hindu religion, is one that has too big ambitions. It often forgets that India is a multi-party democracy and the need for different points of views, of ideologies and philosophies is as relevant as never before.

    There is a horrible narrative that this one party should always rule New Delhi and that its great leader is supreme. The Tamil Nadu Chief of this party went to the ridiculous extent of claiming that not a single comma or full stop or whatever in the three farm laws, will be changed, and that the laws will be implemented, come what may.

    Today, one does not know what this great man will say. We need tp nip in the bud the horrible narrative that there should only be one party, one language and one religion. This is totally against the Indian constitution and it is blatantly communal.

    The past seven years has already produced the worst of economic results. It is time the party takes some decisive action in terms of reviving the economy and stop blabbering the rubbish that is being dished out day in and day out.

    The one party theory has no place in India.
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    When other parties toe the idea and support a particular community, they are not branded as communal party, and just because a party stand up for the cause of Hindi religion, it is branded as communal. For that matter every party is communal as they rely on one religion or the other for the votes. Coming to the point of one party concept, who is stopping the voters and people of India to elect different parties which must agree before election as alliance and not after getting fractured seats and getting united. On seeing this nasty thing happening in the past the voters want to give the decisive verdict and elected the single party. And we know what happened when alliance goes for government as one pretext or the other, the co parties would pull the government and thus does not suit for India which cannot go for elections often.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Only those who do not understand the difference between real democracy and a facade called democracy as we see it today, will even think of supporting the highly autocratic party that allowed 770 people to die and also get defeated in various States.

    There were and still some people who support this communal party. This party has divided people and it is backed by the most dangerous communal organization. This is the party that murdered a man in UP, only because he had beef in his refrigerator. The same party has a Union Minister whose run allows his son to murder farmers protesting in UP. The Govt has still not sacked the Minister. India has to be saved.

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    The one-party rule only spoiled the country. All States and the centre was ruled for many years by a single party only which is a major contributor to the good or bad that happened to this country. If I say this some people will say that why to talk about past. Anyhow facts are facts. I am not trying to support any party. The main reason for the present status of this country is the voters only. By taking money. liquor and other items people started voting for people who are not worth ruling the country. This is happening for a long time.
    Single or combination of various parties, unless otherwise, the people in power are not good there is no use. So the voter should use his wisdom to select the best candidate and if he thinks no one is suitable even he can reject all of them. Then only we may see some change. Then only any government can do a better job and people can expect something good from the rulers.

    always confident

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    @747629, Does the author mean those who voted for the party are not having faith on democracy. Have the courage to appreciate winning of the party which had two mere seats in the country and unseated the largest 130 year old party and even negated them out of political recognition. And India being a Hindu country, don't you think there should be a support and up-rise of this cult and for that matter it cannot be branded as communal. And stop blaming the entire party for the mistake done by few and the author cannot generalize the things and keep on blaming.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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