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    Pillow fighting between children is not serious at all

    When there are more than one child in the home the fight for everything is obvious and one leads to supremacy on grabbing the things and that includes even the pillow. Pillow fighting between children is not serious at all. But if that is not controlled, the fight may be on with no injuries but the pillows would be certainly be damaged. Even the fight between husband and wife sometimes end with pillow attacks and the net result all the room is strewn with cotton waste. And we know pillows are the great things for the head to keep and have the sound sleep. Certainly using them for fights seems to be foolish and yet we use them.
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    Pillow fighting between children is better than playing PubG on a computer! It is obvious children will make a commotion and start fighting each other to make their day when they are together. Children are always free from all constraints even if one tries to control them. They don't pay heed to the parents warning at times and, therefore, end up making a bullfight with his or her friends. They will throw at each other whatever they get in hand. Rightly pillows are not fatal So, pillow fighting between children could be encouraged when they get playful at each other. Pillows are soft and easy to throw at each other but can be a better option in playful activities.

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    When there are two kids in the house definitely there will be a fight between them for something or the other. I am witnessing every day, such a situation in our house between my elder granddaughter who is just 4 years old and the second granddaughter who is 2 years old. For some silly reason, there will be a fight between them. Then their parents or grandmother comes into the picture and stops somehow the quarrel. These things are very common and we need not worry much about such incidents. But when their mood is good and in a position to hear we should try to explain to them what is good and what is bad. As mentioned by the author sometimes there may be damages to some articles that are being used by them during the fight. We have to tolerate it. The loss of material can be tolerated.
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    In fact, a very realistic point has been chosen by the author for the discussion. When there is more than one child in the household, it is very natural to have quarrels. We may expect the elder children to adjust and try to ask him/them to keep calm before their younger but after all, they are also children, so it becomes very difficult to make them understand. As far as pillow fight is concerned it is also quite common but not in the fight only sometimes, children play with a pillow just for fun. I agree that pillows are used for good sleep but sometimes people do not be too conscious while enjoying something.

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