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    To render service no age and education is required

    I read in Madurai one aged person called Murugesan, used to call him as Murugesan thatha. He studied only upto second standard but a book lover. He used to read all types of books and papers. Initially he used to give books and papers to the students when they ask him for reading. This make him to collect books on various topics mainly for offering to students and need people.
    He collected more than 10000 books comprising novels, text books on various subjects in his house. He accepts books from others also those who want to offer. He allow students to refer the books selected on their subjects and if needed he offer the books to the aspiring students free of cost. Some students collect the book from him and return after their reference work over. He never ask money for his offering books to others. If anybody compel him to get money for the books taken by them, he used that money again for buying books.
    He recently last his breath on 3rd December 2021 at his age of 81 in Madurai.
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    That is true. One should have the inclination to serve the needy. I know a teacher who used 50 to 60% of his earnings for the benefit of poor students. He used to purchase textbooks and notebooks for poor students and he used to pay school fees for such students. He was never married and used to stay alone in a small room and used to live a very simple life. Many students who got help from him are in a good position today. Such people are very rare. One should have the bent of mind to serve the needy. Education will never make us service-oriented. We read the life histories of many people who rendered service to society. But how many will take them as role models and try to help others? Really we should appreciate the person who was mentioned by the author in his thread and people who git benefitted from his service should help many others so that they will also come up in their lives.
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    Very unfortunate that book lover is no more and his service to the students and humanity on reading books and helping them to refer has to be commended. When the public libraries fail to keep the required books on their shelves. here is the great soul who helped through his varied collections and without charging anything. Probably he was seeking solace over the fact that Kalvi dhanam or the education donation is far more better than the Anna dhanam or the food donation. Because with education books given for free, he made many new scholars and great personalities of future citizens and the whole credit goes to him. Now that he is dead, his great legacy must be followed and the same must continue by the children of him so that the good cause started by him should not be faded away for lack of interest.
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