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    Do you also feel good on listening to sad songs ?

    When we are down and when the things are not happening to our expectations and wants, surely we want to have a must break and that could be listening to songs. And being the sad moment, we surely wants to go for sad songs, be it any language. Because the sad songs has the connectivity of lyrics to that of our present position and therefore feel good to have soothed with some sort of relief. Not only that the sad songs would take you to sleeping mode for sure and thus the sad moments can be forgotten and the next way of life would be new for sure. Do you also feel good on listening to sad songs ?
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    It is common to hear music when we are not in good mood or when we feel tense. Music will make us feel fresh and our mind will get diverted from the present situation and that may give some happiness instead of what the song is. The songs may be sorrowful songs or joyful songs is not very important but the diversion of mind is very important. That will definitely happen when we hear any type of music.
    Generally, I prefer hearing old songs and classical songs when I am in some problems or tension. After hearing for some time definitely, I will become normal and Sometimes I may get some solution also to the problem that is hunting my mind. The old songs can be sorrowful also, but the melody keeps me calm and my mind will become stable by hearing those songs. This happened many times and I got benefitted from hearing music. Many might also have the same experience.

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    Of course, the lyrics and music of the songs have a profound effect on the mood of a person. In this, both the situations are created, sometimes we choose the songs according to the mood, and sometimes we are able to change our mood by listening specific song. I have seen some people when they feel irritating do not want to listen to loud music and some are want to prefer loud music in their upset time so that they can make themselves cheerfully. So again it is a matter of choice from person to person. My first preference is always tat music that contains slow and peaceful music.

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