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    India is among the most unequal nations in the world.

    India is now among the most unequal countries in the world. According to the survey conducted by the World Inequality Lab, the top 1% of the population earns more than one-fifth of the national income. This survey is conducted for the year 2021. The bottom 50% of the population earns 13% of the total income. This survey points out that Inia stands out as a poor country with the most unequal income. The so-called economic reforms are helping only the rich but not the poor. This inequality in the income of the people is not good for the country. It is time now to think about how the inequality in the earning capacity of the population is reduced. The government policies are helping those in higher-income groups but not the lower-income groups.
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    This is a thought provoking post by the author. Govt is claiming that they are doing so much for the benefits of the poor people but still this survey shows that a lot of efforts are to be done if we have to come up as a developed country in the map of the world. Govt is taking many measures for increasing the income of the poor and people in remote places but unfortunately the real benefit of the various schemes is not reaching to them. One reason could be the middlemen and rampant corruption in distributing those facilities to the downtrodden and if this is so then the Govt system requires a serious revamping where the corrupt are to be punished severely. Just one honest person on top will not give the fruits as the system down also requires a thorough cleaning. There is a big group of criminals and dishonest people who are hell bent in proving the Govt schemes as a total failure and even misleading the public about it. We are in a very difficult situation and even if the Govt changes at the centre, I do not see as how the corrupt system below can be changed to a clean working system.
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    It is today's trending news, yesterday the news spread in the newspaper all over the country. It's a bit like ABC Analysis of Inventory Accounting where grouping is made based on the respective value of individual items. The direction of the country's economy does not depend on the abundance of resources of some people. The country's economists have repeatedly told the government about the various rules of access money to the country's marginalized people, but the government did not pay attention to it and did not take adequate measures, so today's situation. Covid pandemic is associated with these evils also resulting in a terrible situation. While this is not a short-term effect, the government should try to get some money into the hands of the poor. Only then will the market of the economy of a country like ours get a little stronger and the inequality will get a little less. Otherwise, we may face some horrible situations in the coming years.
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    The report mentioned in the thread has given the survey results of all the countries around the world. As per the report poorest of the global population possess just 2% of the total At the same time 76% of the wealth is with the richest 10% of the global population.
    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are the most unequal regions in the world. Europe has the lowest inequality levels.
    The gap between the poor and the rich is very high in India. This is mainly due to the corrupt practices that are existing in the system. Even though the governments are spending a good amount to eradicate poverty in the country, the benefits are not reaching the needy. Unless otherwise, the system gets cleaned and corruption comedown chances of eradicating this problem is a tough task for any government.

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    It is the fact that people in India as not earning on par either commensurate with their qualification or through the job they secured on merits or recommendations. There is a saying, "where there in hallow, the water would gather there" same way those who are rich and already made huge amount only know the knack of earning more because they keep on plugging back the money to new sector and thus make big earning impact. Coming to the point of bottom 50 percent who are earning 13 percent of total earning, here those who qualified well and having good connections in govt and private sectors are reaping. It is unfortunate that no government thought of improving the income and in fact the labor class has become more rich as they hiked their rates and the salary class are the main sufferers braving the price hike.
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