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    Knowing Tamil a must criteria to get TN Govt job

    In a far reaching decision the Stalin government in Tamil Nadu has made it compulsory to clear a paper in Tamil in the written exam to be conducted by govt agency TNPSC. Knowing Tamil a must criteria to get TN Govt job. This means the Tamil would be qualifying paper set as the class ten syllabus and all government job aspirants need to score at least 40 marks to clear the same. Though it is essential to know the state language to read and write, but imposing a entrance exam for the same would be tricky and challenge for non locals who are also aspiring for government jobs there since they have settled in Tamil Nadu for years together but not learned the Tamil.
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    This shows the liking the Chief Minister is having towards his mother tongue. At the same time, it will help the people who are from Tamilnadu and who know Tamil well. Many people criticise the central government for imposing Hindi on students. But this is a different way of imposing their mother tongue on the students who are studying in their schools and who are not from Tamilnadu.
    The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh says the English medium is a must for all the students in th state. See the difference. Tamilnadu CM is having a liking for his mother tongue but his counterpart in AP is not having any such liking for his mother tongue.
    I think the Chief Ministers of other States from at least South India should follow him and introduce a paper in their mother tongue for the State government jobs.

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    I would say that's a good decision. When you are working for a particular state you need to be aware of its culture. If you cannot speak the language you won't be able to interact with the local people and hence won't be able to resolve their problems. Whenever one is applying for a job there are certain criteria and in many of those jobs speaking fluent English is among the criteria. When one is in a government job she/he is serving the people of the state and must be aware of the mother tongue. So, knowing Tamil for working for the Tamil Nadu government is quite natural and if you know the language it should not be a tricky affair to pass the exams in that particular paper.

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    For any job local language is must one to get the job, it will enable well to function in a good manner for both employee and superior as well for public. Especially in the jobs where public contact is note the local language both read,write and speak become necessary. In one central government based office my friend happened to get some work solved but he faced critic as he could not make clear to the concerned official as he hailed from remote Maharashtra on transfer who was no knowledge of English or Tamil.

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    Language is our cultural identity and we have to preserve our local language at any cost. In our country we have many regional languages and they are supposed to be preserved otherwise there is a danger of them getting extinct with time. If people do not do it voluntarily then state Govt can take such extreme measures and there is nothing wrong in it. There is nothing like outsiders in a state. Whoever is living there for decades is an insider and it is expected from him that he knows the local language. Frankly speaking in India everyone is supposed to know three languages. One is of course the global language that is English, second is the local language, and the third is any other Indian language. In European countries many people know three languages and it is so common there. If they can learn like that why not we. Being outsider is no excuse for not learning the local language and by doing that you yourselves are getting categorised as outsider. Language unites people and by learning the local language we can win the hearts of the local people.
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    The condition of knowledge in the local language is there in almost all states. This is a compulsory requirement at least for the jobs where the employee has to deal with public, It can be understood why such a condition is stipulated.

    I had seen firsthand about this communication gap especially in nationalised banks where there is All-India transfer of the officer level employees. The difficulty was all the more in the case of Agricultural Officers. During the eighties, when I was relatively a new employee in a bank in Kerala, the Agricultural Officers were mostly from Orissa. The native AOs were very less. I was also in a rural branch and the AO was from Orissa. Many times, I had to intervene and function as interlocutor translating to both the AO and the customer. There were no satellite TV channels and Hindi serials, so general people did not have ease in Hindi. Being a rural place English also was difficult.

    So I am one who supports the condition that for those employees or jobs where they deal with public especially at field level , working knowledge of local language should be a pre-condition.

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    It is a good thing for the people of the particular state, but it completely removes people from the competition making language criteria at an entry level. If they have made it criteria at a later level and with a time limit to learn the language it would have also been nice. But I guess the main objective of the reform is to stop other people from getting jobs at such a regional level. It is a good reform for locals but not for other people.
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    Whatever step has been taken from the chief minister of Tamil Nadu is a welcome step and the motive behind it is to make the employees familiar with the local language so that they can converse well with the local people with comforts. Though there are ways of conversation in the different mode such as English or Hindi. But sometimes these languages will not serve the purpose. The officials need to go a little closer with their conversation in Tamil. This step would go a long way in making the staffs proficient in this language so that they would not face any problem in understanding their sentiments.

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    I always posting the latest job notifications in the job section of ISC.In the order of posting I have seen a large numbers of jobs are reserved for local language. Rejecting application for a particular language is in a way harmful to the candidates who do not know the local language or who are not familiar with the language of the region.
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