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    Education cannot be freed from politics, but politics has been freed from education in our country

    Various senior academics are in opinion in favor of removing the color of politics from the student's union. According to them, if politics can be removed, the incidence of student dissatisfaction will also decrease. But the political parties lack policies in this regard. Many say that political parties see the educational institution as a factory for making their leaders and supporters. The quality of education, the good and the bad of the educational institution is secondary to them.
    As long as the politicians fix the education policy, there will be politics among the students. This is our idea that a real leader is born from there. So there must be politics in education. But the ideology of many politicians today is going in the opposite direction
    Inhumane war of words is going on today with all the education-tastes-courtesy of political personalities being learned? What is the current situation, the story of the past is no longer useful? What will happen and history repeats itself? It seems that politics has erased all education today. Can't we say that the political arena of our country is free from education? Your coments.
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    Unfortunately the college life has to align with one party or the other as there are so many unions inside the college and the students need to take sides. Not that everyone is going to be benefited through the politics, but students are always used for the big political cause and we have seen students always made big impact if they joined any issue or revolution. The best example was the participation of TRS students wing in asking for separate state and many students lost their lives. Now no body thinks of going to the OU or other campus which were bubbling with activities then. The politicians won the separate state and they are hugely getting benefited and in fact become a family rule in our state. So politics should be cut of from the education and students unions must be terminated in each college levels.
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    The title of the thread is confusing. The author on one hand says education cannot be freed from politics and at the same time says that politics has been freed from education in our country.
    It is unfortunate that all the student unions are affiliated with one political party or the other. This is creating division among the students. The students are the future leaders of the country. They should be free from politics and be able to think on their own and form opinions. The Constitution of India clearly says that developing scientific temperament is one of the fundamental duties. All the political parties are trying to attract the students towards their ideologies and in this process, the students are becoming followers and losing their scientific temper.

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    Political Parties should not have a say in educational Institutions. The students can have unions but no outsider should involve in those unions. Only students should participate and the union should not have any affiliation to any recognised political parties. This will be the ideal situation. But in my thinking, there is no chance for that in our country.
    The Vice-Chancellors are being appointed by the governments and they will support the party which appointed them as Vice Chancellors. There itself politics will start. The Syndicate of the University is also decided by the governors and there is also a lot of interference by political leaders.
    The education departments should bring in acts delinking the students' unions from the political parties. Then only we will see some improvement in the system.

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    Political parties are always taking advantage of the strength of the student community. Though educational institutions should be free from politics so as to concentrate fully on their studies. However this ideological condition has been never attainable since the bosses of the political parties would like to exploit the students for their own advantages. These parties penetrate in the college campus to woo some students with their ideological skills and most of students are attracted to their principles. Sometimes the students are diverted from their normal studies due to their firm beliefs of a political party. We have witnessed several agitations in the past where the group of students following a party principle has been attacked by the the other political party resulting in severe loss of lives of students. The parties have nothing to do with the loss of lives of students but they would definitely target this community to gain popularity with the full involvements of the students.

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    #747661 Mr. KVRR
    I want to say here that education cannot be freed from politics but there is no existence of education noticed in the recent politics of our country. This is clear from the behavior and act of many politicians, even, there is no need for any academic qualification to become a politician here. From this, it can be said that the subject of education has departed from our politics.

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    I agree with the point that Politics can not be completely separated from Higher education since there is always a need for student leaders who can take up grievances of students to the upper echelons, And leaders should emerge out of universities as well. A student who has gone through various experiences during his/her student life can understand a lot of things about society that can help in revolutionising politics. Most of the big revolts in the society and world have emerged out of grievances of some educated individuals getting converted into the mass movement.
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    I find it as an important topic for debate . I hope that any editor may change this topic into GD as it has vast scope of pros & cons.
    I think education should be freed from dirty politics. Sadly, also in colleges and universities politics has become a dirty game for students. How their study is affected and how they oppose each other is not hidden from us. BJP, Congress and Communist parties etc are playing dirty politics in these educational institutions. Politics is not bad per se but now contesting elections has become a part of business where these elected people have shortcuts to become more affluent and powerful. And these prominent political parties catch these aspiring students who peep into politics to make their future bright.

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    That is correct but who is going to bell the cat is the important question. The government in the respective states or the centre has to make it a rule that educational institutes should be free from politics. But do any political party have the will to make such rules? We may keep on debating whether students should join politics or whether political unions will be allowed inside the colleges but there will be no outcome and no change in the situation as there is a lack of will among the political parties. Some private institutions have strict rules where there are no political unions inside the colleges but no such strictness is shown by the authorities of the government-run institutes.

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    Politicians see a lot of scope in the educational institutions to impress the students with their doctrine whether it is the politics of their party or some national level politics. Students are the gullible lot and where the politicians will get the better objects for moulding them to their ideology. Today there are many problems in our country like unemployment, lack of infrastructure, corruption in public organisations etc and in such a condition to polarise the students and luring them that only the concerned political party or political affiliation would be able to solve those problems, is a common thing. These so called politicians are simply misleading the students and making them fool in order to realise their own selfish motives.
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    Mr. Dhruba, you could have said ethics are left out of politics. There are many good politicians without educational qualifications. Broadly what you wanted to express matches with the politicians and education in our country.
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