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    If the shortage of burial ground a pertinent problem ?

    In Telangana and even in Andhra Pradesh, the burial of dead bodies takes place be it from any religion. While most of the Hindus consign the body to the flame, some have the reservations and wants to bury the body and thus the burial grounds earmarked for each religion are running out of space and there need to be new ones. The state govt contemplating acquiring more lands out of city to have additional burial grounds but the city locals are not ready to go to far off places for burial and wants the matter to be settled amicably. If the shortage of burial ground a pertinent problem ? What could be the solution ?
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    To that matter, shortage of place is there for all purposes. In cities we are witnessing shortage of place. In minimum place a small house will be constructed but he will never think where he will park his car in the nights. It will be kept on the road side causing problem to the road users. In future the problem may increase further.
    Many Hindus may not bury the dead body. They will burn it to ashes. Electrical burning system is also introduced. As a policy if Burying is stopped only this problem can be solved. But customs of the people may not agree for the same.

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