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    Do any of you watch ViMovies on the desktop?

    I recently got an email about ViMovies that it is available for those who have a Vodafone connection. It seems, though, that it is available only on a smartphone after downloading their app. On looking it up online, I got the impression that it was free and could also be accessed via a desktop/laptop. Then, on visiting the Help section at their official website, I came across the information that it can be accessed via Chrome browser. So I checked it on my laptop but was not able to view anything. The message just popped up that for a better experience watch via the app and the Google play store link was there.

    So I would like to know from members if any of you are watching anything on ViMovies and, if so, are you able to watch it on your laptop or desktop?
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    No. I have know Vodafone connection . I never tried VIiMovies on laptop or desktop. After seeing this thread I searched for this app on my smartphone but it is not visible. I will try and see on my laptop and see. If any positive outcome is there I will post that information.
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    I haven't come across such a channel or have heard about ViMovies. Although I do watch movies and series on various paid platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar and my favourite one is Netflix. But if you are searching for a free platform to find movies I have a few suggestions like MX Player which has a wide range of movies available, for Korean series and movies app is Viki Many Pakistani movies and Dramas are freely available on youtube and there are many more apps. The problem with free apps is they have so many ads.
    And on Telegram one can search any movie series from any genre in any country.

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    You can use Bluestacks software on your desktop to access android applications. By using this software I think you will be able to access your ViMovies app on your desktop unless the app doesn't restrict it. My favourite app is Netflix. In Netflix, there are 3 types of subscriptions. The minimum one is for a single-screen mobile/tab. Usually, I will be taking that. So one time, I have tried to open Netflix on my desktop using this Bluestacks software but I couldn't make the app work may be due to some app-level restriction. Likewise, you can try to use the app using this software.

    The other method is to directly go to ViMovies website: And try to log in with your credential. I am not sure whether they will allow watching movies or tv shows without credentials. You can try this way.

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    Ann Wilson - I did try through the website you mentioned, as indicated by the text of this thread, and hence raised this query. I am a little wary of downloading software as I don't want to load stuff that may slow down the laptop or cause it to hang. Thanks, though, for the info. as I was not aware of the existence of such software and acquired some knowledge.

    Neelam - I am aware of MX Player and don't want to subscribe to any more online streaming services, free or not ( I have already subscribed to HotStar and Amazon Prime). I was keen on Vimovies only because I wanted to watch Rashmi Rocket, and the short film Natkhat.

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