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    Nowadays, sanskriti international 2021contest is going on

    Every year, this contest is conducted for all age group. In this contest, you can show your talent in any field such as, dance, yoga, music, speech etc. My daughter also participated this year in musical instrument. Dear member, I request you to go to you tube channel and type Bal-Mukund abhaya narayani then you will find video of my daughter and please like to this video. If you want more information about this contest then you can check website
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    Accept my congrats and pass my regards to your daughter for participating in musical instrument contest of Sanskriti International and that gives great pleasure for any parent when the children keep up to our expectations to which we made so much effort. I have already visited the said video and liked the content. In this regard I call upon all the parents to encourage their children in different activities because only studies would make them bore and some extra activities would not only showcase their talent and also give them the break from the hectic studies. Not that the studies be given the back seat, but what ever free time is available that can be used for the great activities of the children hidden inside. The parents are the first persons to get over joyed on the performance of their child no matter it was a small beginning.
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    Congratulations for your daughter for participating in an international contest. I wish her performance will get good recognition. I will watch and encourage her with my likes.
    These days we are seeing some good contests are going on and younger generation and kids are getting good encouragement and e posture through such competitions. My wife's sister's granddaughter also participated in a similar contest and she also posted her video on her YouTube channel. I don't know her channel address. She got selected for the finals and getting ready for the online contest.

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    My sincere congratulations to your daughter for her participation to an international contest organised by the Sanskriti International and her achievement has definitely made you proud. In fact, this has been possible due to your constant involvement and encouragement. Any mission is possible if the kids are exposed to such environments where we would like to see them victorious. Though the study is the main thrust area of a student but it does not mean that they should not show their artistic abilities in the different areas for which they their desires to achieve. Since your daughter has come up to your expectation reflecting that she possesses her inbuilt talents in the diverse fields. Hope that many laurels are in store which will provide you immense joy.

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    Congratulations to your daughter for her participation. In addition to studying, it is very important to participate in such types of cultural programs. In the old days, all these programs were held from school to college frequently and there was no shortage of people to participate. But today this is going to be almost closed. It is especially needed to keep the culture of the society alive and to develop our overall character from childhood.
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    I went through the video you mentioned saw and liked it, It is nice to see such young kids playing the guitar. Although it always feels nice to see such talented and young kids anything they do is just awesome. Just one piece of feedback to add if she sings along it would add up to the beauty of video.
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    Congratulations to both you and your daughter, it is indeed a matter of pride when children flaunt themselves with such talents. I saw the video of your video and its confidence is praiseworthy. Sanskriti Mahotsav is really a great medium to unite the culture of the country. As we know that our country is surrounded by different cultures and everyone has the same respect and importance, so it is a good option to organize such events to increase their importance.

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