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    You are alone responsible for distractions and hindrance to creativity

    When we are making a serious attempt to prove ourselves to be noticed and regarded by others in the field of our own interest, then total dedication is absolutely necessary. While doing the task our concentration should be involved and we are alone responsible for distractions that happens in between and that proves even hindrance to our creativity. Distractions may be diverting the mind to television watching, getting diverted to the cell phone chatting, or getting involved with close friend and forgetting the task. Everything can be put to hold until the task on hand is not completed. Any comment please ?
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    This is a very well approved aspect. No concentration on the work you are doing means you are not getting the desired results. When you are having the determination, you will concentrate and will never get distracted.
    Drona, the Guru of Kauravas and. Pandavas wanted to see who is the best among his students and conducted a test. He wanted them to shoot a bird in its eye with an arrow. He asked to try one after another. When they are ready he asked them what they are seeing. Only Arjuna replied that he is only the eye of the bird and nothing more. That speaks about the concentration of Arjuna and when he was on an assignment he never used to get distracted. So Drona decided to make him a great warrior and Arjuna became the dearest student of his Guru.
    So it is the individual who has to resist himself from getting distracted. Then only he can become the best and always be successful in his attempts.

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    It is true that when you are doing or taking responsibility for something important, your position should be such that the work is not worth it for any of your mistakes. Because every job has a special significance to others, you should be responsible for it just as much as they are affected. And in that case, you will be responsible for yourself. So as long as the work is being completed, complete it properly with deep concentration. The example of Arjuna given by Dr.Rao is very much suited here.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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