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    Can education be successful without the intellect of humans?

    we know that education is a lifelong process that allows us to gain new experiences in changing environment. On the other hand, Intelligence is an ability that enables us to act purposefully, to think rationally, and to survive.
    Intelligence may have some connection with education. While admitted to any school the quality of the student is judged based on their intelligence and academics. There are many prominent personalities in society acquiring no formal education. Now my question is without intelligence is education will succeed?
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    For that matter schools are the place to push our education to certain level and where we stand at the class is the intellect and matter of understanding that signifies the result. For example in a class of 40, the teacher would easily gauge who is intelligent, who is average and who is dull by virtue of their seating with their colleagues as the dull would sit with his counterpart, the average share the seat with his friends and the intelligent would be seating in front rows. Though the teaching is done to all, the intelligent ones pics up the topic and portions fast their performance are truly registered and even the average students will also compete and try to surpass the intelligent ones. So the intelligent quotient among the students also plays important in their studies and thus the performance matters as they grasp over the subjects.
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    Education is something that is taught and develops over time in someone, whereas intelligence is an intrinsic element with which an individual is born. As a result, it is not developed, but it will be improved over time. People learn knowledge through education, but no one can teach you to be more intelligent; it is something that only the particular can attain.
    In the Oxford dictionary, intelligence means "the ability to learn, understand and think in a logical way about things", and similarly, education means "a process of teaching, training, and learning, especially in schools, colleges, or universities, to improve knowledge and develop skills". I will say that intelligence is the ability to use our education in a way that is required for ourselves. It is true that a higher degree of education leads to a higher level of intellect, and vice versa, but I don't think this applies in all scenarios. If a person is so intelligent but doesn't have enough education on the matter, it will not be fruitful. And to answer your question, if a person is not intelligent, and somehow managed to get a better education, he or she can go in their life to a limit. But if they don't know how to proceed further even with such education, that will not end well.
    Logically thinking, I don't think, without intelligence, there is no meaning to education. Even to thoroughly learn something, a person should have a bit of intellect.

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    The author is right, there is a relationship between intelligence and education and definitely, they affected each other, but they are not complementary to each other. That means we can not say if a person is not intelligent will never get an education at the same time we can not say that a person who is not educated is not intelligent. Intelligence is a quality of a person that helps his/her to make rational decisions or be aware of their actions. In schools we often found some students count as intelligent and some are less intelligent but it is just on the basis of marks which is not as correct because when we see intelligence in the real world it is quite different. Even now many people change their mindset in this matter and do not force students or children for scoring high or more marks because they understand the real concept of education or real intelligence.

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    Education supported by intelligence will make the man a enter person. Education and intelligence are two separate issue. All educated people are not intelligent. An uneducated person may be also intelligent. An intelligent person who may be an uneducated can think logically and can make logical conclusion and can take very apt decisions. An educated may not be able to think logical and may not be able to apply his learnings to the tasks he has to perform.
    IQ levels are high for intelligent people and they will be smart in their approach and problem solving.

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