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    No person lasts for ever. Yes we have to agree

    The way we have been getting shocking news of some who were supposed to live long due to their personality and no illness reported and yet they are no more and their demise would certainly baffle us and keep on pondering over the fact that no person lasts for ever and we have to agree to this fact. Though the deaths are certain to happen but when it is confronted in the most unbelievable way, the normal person cannot withstand such kind of shock and he goes into fear mode. We have to gather courage to come across the events that are more disturbing and unwanted. Are you courage enough in this aspect ?
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    We have to live our life . We can not make short of it or extend it even by a minute. This is the fact. My father in law was very hale and healthy. He never had any health problems. That day morning he got up as usual, had his coffee and gone for milking the cow with an empty vessel. He was talking normally to the servant who was with him. He completed milking and kept the vessel with milk on the ground. Even a single drop of milk was spilled. He lied there on the ground and died. All happened in two or three minutes. Probably he might have had a severe heart stroke. That is what destiny. When we hear such things we will get disappointed and we will not have any words say. But we can't go with the died. We have to continue our struggle and continue to live till our lat breath.
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