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    Remove yesterday's junk from your mind, to be successful today

    What ever we want to achieve, that must be with right chord and and right planning and nothing can be possible with half attempt and for that one must remove yesterday's junk from the mind, to be successful today. The past failures should not repeat as we have erred in one issue or the other, therefore having a clear mind and straight forward approach to the present day would only create new ways to the life and that could be changed phase also. And with all sort of negative approaches of past we cannot think of going forward and it is imperative that fresh mind need to be inculcated for the formidable winning situation. Do you keep on worrying about the past missing ?
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    I agree with the author. We need not go on thinking about what happened yesterday. A single time analysis and remembering the learnings is enough. Instead of that thinking about the happenings and go on reviewing the same again and again is of no use. There is no chance to go back to yesterday correct the issue. What best we can do is not to repeat the mistakes committed.
    If you keep all the negative things in your mind, you can not perform well and the fear of failure will haunt you. That will make you to taste many more bitter tastes. So remove them and be hopeful and proceed forward.

    always confident

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    Yes, that is required when you are moving forward. If you constantly turn your head to look backwards you will stumble and fall down. Whatever has happened has already happened and that cannot be undone. So there is no point in thinking constantly about what has already happened. You can always think of the corrective measures you need to take if there is a mistake in the first place and your concentration should be on the corrective steps and not what went wrong. If one keeps on thinking about the mistakes then unmindfully, problems can crop up while taking corrective measures. We need to keep our minds free so that we can concentrate on what we are doing at the moment.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The author is right that we should not repent for the failures already happened in the past. This might be possible because of our wrong approach and the same would not happen in the next time if we proceed cautiously considering all the aspects for achieving success. It is normally seen among some people that they are in the habit of repentance for the lapses already done and become so alert that the approach taken in the next time is not likely to yield results positively because of lack of concentration while executing the job. Hence it is always better to keep our mind free from worries while we concentrate on a job.

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    A very beautiful message is given by the author through his thread. Until we forget old bad memories we will not get the place for good in our mind, in the same way, if we would not remove junk from our minds we can not make our day successful. Many people have a bad habit to keep bed and sad things in their mind, it could be their bad experiences, incidents, thoughts whatever else, and make them strongest by repeating them in their mind every day. Apart from that, we should think about new and what we want in our life, in spite of those bad memories. Those bad memories will always play a role in barriers in our life. Most of us have been aware of the power of the universe or the law of the universe that says, we will attract what we think so simply we should think about positive and good.

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    A nice thread by the author. It is said that the human beings are happy because they do not remember everything in their lives. So forgetting certain things happened in the past are for our benefit only as we get rid of the pain and hurt which would had been there if we remembered those negative things in our lives. In our lives, we often fail in our mission or objective and that is of immense worry for us as that impede our progress and prosperity. But when we think about it with a cool mind then we get rid of those thoughts of setbacks and then we concentrate for the fresh efforts for the upcoming tasks.
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