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    Do you believe that when poverty comes to the door, love flies through the window?

    There is an old saying that love escapes when there is poverty, but in our society, we see exceptions in many cases. Disaster even does not hinder true love. However, in recent times we have noticed many changes during the corona pandemic, many have lost their love, became alone in society, all because of the poverty of the corona outbreak. Is it real to have wealth for the love factor? How do you judge it?
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    No. For this only Hindu purana stories stressing the importance of love and affection. In those days people showed their affection on God over their inmates.
    A devotee of Lord Shiva called Sendhan, lived in Chithambaram,Tamilnadu, though poor and starving was not forgetting Lord Shiva. To make his love Lord Shiva came to his small house in a saint form. By seeing Him in the house, Sendhan felt happy and offered s sweet rice called 'Kali' with the available small quantity of rice. He kept that rice for himself and his wife for that night and next day. But after eating the entire quantity saint (Lord Shiva) blessed them, went out and vanished. Next day as usual both Sendhan and his wife went to Nataraja Temple for darshan. There the King came at that time for darshan found some pieces of Kali in the floor of shrine and mouth side of Lord's idol. With angry the King shouted and everybody puzzling. An external voice came from the Lord explained the devotion of Sendhan in spite of his poverty. King offered wealth to the sendhan by admiring his love on God. This stress necessity to extend our love others in spite of poverty.
    This month 20th that day of Sendhan is celebrated in all places especially in Chidambaram.

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    Is there any such enmity between the two that if one knocks on the door the other will run away evading arrest? I am also not sure whether there is anything like true love or false love. Either there is love or not. During different times people try to correlate various things based on certain assumptions. I would say change of character in different situations is a tendency of many humans and such persons do change their characteristics at random.

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    Love will be shown by many people when your pocket is full of money. People will say that they will give their lives for you. But some of them are only genuine and the remaining may be coming to use your money. Such people will vanish from you once your pocket is empty.
    These days I have noticed on social media also many people are making friends and asking for help from you. The moment you say you can't give money, they will unfriend you.
    That is why we should be careful in making friends. In my village, there was a rich man and he used to have many people around him always. He used to spend money on others also. So always people preferred to stay with him. His brother is also very rich. But he is very judicious in spending money. So people never preferred to go to him. Even relatives also will be like that. They will respect you as long as you are rich and the moment you say you are poor, they never bother even to say hallow to you.

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    I think money is not the sole factor to bring love and harmony in a household. Money has definitely quite some importance but it is not the only thing. I have seen in some poor families a very lovely environment though financial difficulties are there to be shared by all the members and at the same time in some rich families people quarrel with each other every day in spite of having all the facilities. So there are many factors which decide these situations and we cannot generalise that love goes away when poverty enters a household.
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    Poverty is the most challenging phase through which everyone has come through and there is no denial that we learn lots of life lesson during that period. I know a family with three daughters and lost the father and no one to earn for them, they eked out life as the maid servants and just imagine without a male support how can four survive ? But the mother was so courageous and she used to have austerity on every matter and thus made all the three girls big and even got married to a good grooms. Now she lives alone and with more challenges and courage. The daughters were married to other states and they wont return. Sometimes they send money and some times they forget. How the women lives is the big question mark and what the author said that when poverty is there, even the relative will shy away from helping.
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    Money matters a lot for a man as well as a woman but the question raised by the author I am not sure about it if a woman leaves her poor ot jobless partner , however, if it is the matter of premarital affair then undoubtedly it is feasible but in the matter of a married couple a woman will not leave her husband (exception is not denied).

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    I agree with the adage that love goes out of the window when poverty knocks. But it is a thing before one commits to a relationship and one should see these things before commitment. Once committed despite knowing financial constraints then it is the responsibility of the partner to be there for his/her life partner despite poverty.
    Because love is not something you feel only in good times, one does not fall out of love seeing someone's situation.
    This is a true adage but only for those who go for relations like marriage without thinking well before. Especially teenagers and youngsters who dream of marriage and relations without knowing all the nuances of such decisions.

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    I don't agree with the contention of the author that love goes out of windows when poverty knocks. On the contrary, we can see a better understanding and discipline among the members especially on the financial front. It could be surprising to see that a student of class ten practices Mathematics with a slate belonging to poverty class and for him it is not a strange thing since he is involved with this practice since his childhood and he takes care of his dresses keeping just below the bed so that it would appear that the same has been ironed out though the clothes take shape due to constant press of the body. There are several parameters that they have discovered to save money. Instead of using regular tooth powder, they would clean their teeth with some common salt mixed with a few drops of mustard oil to offer dazzling white shapes of their teeth. They remain united despite their poverty and there are countless examples of these struggling classes where their children have fared better ultimately in their careers by being successful engineers, medical specialists, professors etc. They have the capacity of extreme tolerance in the hours of crisis.I don't mean that the affluent classes are lagging behind in terms of the growth of their children but still the the children hailing from a poverty class prove to be better managers in terms of financial handlings.

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