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    Reason for college courses pending

    Respected Sir/Mam,
    I have uploaded College courses details in Sree Radha Krishnaa Educational Trust, but my works were in pending. I have uploaded all details based on the college prospectus book and I have got permission in the office. My works are eligible and there are no mistakes, then why my works were in pending, I want to know the reason.
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    The editors of the section have shifted them to pending because you are not providing informative details in a proper, descriptive text format. You are giving information in a very abrupt manner. You are also merely duplicating the text, that is, putting the exact same words, for each and every course. Please refer to the content for a college course added recently by other senior members for a reference.

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    Initially I also had similar problem in the course submissions as I was simply putting the same text that I found in the site under the course prospectus and other details. But I was advised by the editor that as in ISC site the copying is strictly prohibited so I was supposed to rewrite them in my own words in a structured and understandable sequence so that it does not look copied and at the same time delivers the same meaning as the original wordings in the site. That is actually the basic idea of content writing where we do not reproduce but recreate the same matter in our words. After trying in 2-3 courses I got the knack of that and am able to submit courses in the stipulated fashion. Hope this helps you in the task of course submissions.
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    But Mam and Sir, I am not uploading the Open College courses. I am uploading correspondence courses. For this it will not follow that much rules and regulations. A candidate who wants to pursue higher education, simply they have to fill application form and pay fees with School marksheet. For that Category What can I write more. If I write anything elaborate, it will looks like exaggeration.

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    In the course description box, you could at least write a few sentences about the course (what will be taught). You are merely writing the same thing for all, namely 3 lines with no sentence structure- Two Years Course, Books will be provided by the institution, and E-books available in Alagappa University Website Portal. You are also mentioning Medium - English in the eligibility section, when, in fact, it should be in the descriptive section.

    Why not write like this (one example)-
    The M.Sc. Botany correspondence course is a 2-year course in English medium. The curriculum includes..... You can also mention whether or not there are contact point centers for guidance, which is sometimes the case with a correspondence course, and whether or not practicals are there since it is a science course.

    In the box for admission, you can write that students can obtain the application form at the school office and submit it with the required documents. You can mention the list of documents (this is one instance where the listing is ok to give) for one course, and for the other courses mention that the admission process is the same for applying for any correspondence course of the institute.

    I reiterate- writing in proper sentence structure is essential now as we move towards the new niche of academics. Do not merely list details.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Mam,For M.Sc.Zoology I had corrected the mistakes.I need your suggestion. Please see that and reply whether it is ok, can I continue for other courses like this with little words modification.

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