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    Why is there no back support for two-wheelers in both the driving and non-driving seats?

    As we can see, there is no back support for two wheelers in both the driving and non-driving seats. Because two wheelers are now used for long travel rides, including back support will provide comfort for the driver and co-passengers. Do you have any thoughts on this? Do you have similar thoughts? For two-wheelers, a back support is required to avoid back spasms or discomfort.
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    Back supports may obstruct the person to get on to the bike. The height will be more and getting on to the bike may be difficult. Generally, people will sit on the bike by keeping one leg on each side. In such a case they have to lift the leg above the height of the scooter and if there is back support the height may further increase. That may be the reason for not providing back support I feel. However collapsable back support may be an option to think and people may be working on that. Let us see any such things comes in the near future.
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    In that case, there should be a lock on or off mode for the back seat...
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to few years back when I had LML vespa two wheeler scooter and for the first time then, it had the back support for the driver and little also a elevated U shape rod for the pillion to stand as back support. But the model could not gain public acceptance because, one has to take the legs far up to get the clearance either to sit or disembark and for the ladies it was easy. And having occupied little space on the seat middle, the sitting place and pleasure for the driver was not appreciating and thus the model lost the acceptance at large. May be for this reason the new vehicles never opted for back support. By the way two wheeler are for short drives and cannot be used for long drives and that would be very tiresome and risky too. Good shock absorbers would lessen the impact of discomfort.
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    LML Vespa was having a single seat and there was no back support for the driver, It had support for the pillion rider. The two-wheelers are for a short journey and have no need for back support. Some models of bikes can be fitted with back support for the pillion rider.
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    I do not know much about vehicles but I see that most of the two-wheelers are like the author mentioned which do not have back support. My brother has an Avenger bike and its back support is still much better than that which makes the person sitting in the back feel very helpful and comfortable. Maybe there will be some reason for not having a back support system in other buildings that's why it hasn't been updated yet.

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    It is true that the back support will definitely create problem in riding the bike. In this reference the idea of having a folding back support or removable back support or a back support which is created by pressing a mechanical button or any other technology like that would be of immense value to many people who require a back support due to various reasons. Technology can definitely bring that element in a bike but the only thing is whether it will be adding extra cost or whether it will be accepted by the people at large or not is the question that the business entities have to ponder before they include that in the bikes.
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