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    By seeing or comparing others we live in stress

    Today many diseases caused stress. People create stress in them by seeing others and comparing them with us.To reach their level we try in various ways even to the level of illegal.
    In this world everyone possesses a separate quality, capacity which cannot on way comparing. A small razor blade is good enough for shaving but we cannot cut a tree with the blade. An axe is similar sharp as a blade which can cut a tree easily but with an axe we cannot get shaved our hair or even we cannot our nails.
    A man approached a saint by saying he felt himself as useless for anything. That e saint asked him to bring any item which is useless to any one. He searched everywhere. At last he found the dry leaves under a tree. He gather something and started to move to saint. But a lady came there and asked the leaves as they are herbs. Then he moved to someplace and took some other dry leaf but before he take that a small bird took that for its nest. He saw a leaf fallen into the water under a tree but saw that leaf become a savour to an ant fell in the water.
    He turned to the saint explained everything. Saint replied even a dry leaf become useful to others you change yourself as a person useful to others.
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    The moment one starts comparing oneself with others, the trouble starts! Comparing oneself with others bring stress and dissatisfaction when he or she is unable to reach their level. People change priorities and set new targets to achieve in life which creates problems when they don't meet these expectations.
    Wealthy one could buy many things and raise their living standards. He may buy a brand new car, a new house and many different things. But that doesn't mean those who are financially vulnerable should risk themselves in trouble to get that is not within one's capacity. Those not enjoying the privilege of a car shouldn't put themselves at risk and yearn for it! A man can live peacefully even without a car. One can take a bus and reach his or her destination without any problem. When things are far away and difficult to achieve, never yearn for it. Try to be satisfied with what one has and always be grateful for what one possesses. Stop comparing and limiting desire would be helpful to get peace of mind.

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    Unnecessarily comparing with others and then feeling degraded by it or comparing to simply get stress and sadness in our lives is something which a sensible person should avoid at any cost. Everyone has some ability to contribute in the society and everyone in that fashion can make a space for himself in a group or workplace. So instead of wasting time in comparing and weeping it would be better to contribute for the development of self as well as to ell others in developing and progressing. There is nothing in this world which has no worth. Everything is useful in one way or other.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Let us not be lured with the possessions of others but we should be satisfied with our belongings. This can be attained with a little practice and even changing our mindset by not comparing ourselves with others would ultimately provide us peace. We should not be influenced with the vast possessions of our neighbours but even a little possession what we have is of great importance to us if give up the habit of comparison.
    In this contest, I would quote an example of Mahatma Gandhi who used to rub his body through a piece of stone and unfortunately Manu Ben forgot to carry that stone while moving from Noakholi to Dhaka. She suggested Gandhiji to use a new stone in lieu of the lost one. Gandhiji flatly refused to have a new stone saying that the new one cannot take place of the old stone which was used for over fifteen years . The value of an article can be estimated by our intense passion for the same.

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    Very nice contribution from the author. It is the matter of fact that what ever seen with our naked eyes are the creation of the God to be useful or used for the human being, or the animal kingdom. We cannot underestimate the things available unattended nor not cared by the human as they are useful to the animal. The way the dry leaves has become the useful purpose for the birds to build nest and the we leaves fallen on the water served as the boat to ants, proves that God has created a mystery world through which one helps the other and the living goes on without hindrance. So instead of pondering over the others high quality of success and their winning modes, please explore your own hidden talent which is not yet known fully well and by putting them to use, surely you will be watched and followed with great interest.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree that everything has some importance, So we should not take anything for granted or should not underestimate importance of anything or anyone.
    Title of this thread has another message that we should not compare ourselves with others who are on higher level than us or those who are richer or having more luxurious life than us.
    We should be satisfied to what we have in our hands however we should keep on improving our economic and social status as well. If we feel inferiority complex while comparing ourselves to others it causes stress and depression.

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    An excellent thought from the author. Nothing is useless in this world. Everything has its own value and use. If we feel all fewer value items are not useful, we will be wrong. Gold is very costly. Coal is cheap. But we can't ignore coal. It is required for many acts.
    Similarly, every one of us will have our own value. There will be only one Prime Minister in the country. We need not think we are waste by comparing ourselves with PM. We have our own value. We should be always happy with what we have and we should try to be positive in all our thoughts. You may be thinking you are waste by comparing yourself with a person who is in a better position than you. At the same time. some people may be comparing themselves with you and feeling that they are inferior. This is never advisable. Be happy with what you have and enjoy your life.

    always confident

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    Couldn't agree more. Comparing oneself with other is a start to the path of self destruction. Postive comparision can aid to one improving themselves by getting inspired by other and therefore having the determination to be better. However when the comparison becomes obsessive it lead to destruction. When you compare your every move with someone else then you become more and more uncomfortable in your own skin. You might start to feel unwell and undeserving. Or in others cases you might start to dispise other people and become jealous of whatever they've achieved. In either way it is a self destructive behaviour. One can always have a healthy competition, which would eventually lead them to improve themselves. But when the competition becomes about comparison and rather than improving you want to be better than others then it's negative. Therefore comparison can healthy or unhealthy and destructive, it's upto you which way you want to go.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    A very good thread has been presented by the author which gives a lovely message that is really commendable. This is true we should never compare and consider ourselves less than anyone. Nowadays social media has become a big medium where people share their activities and other people start feeling as if they have nothing positive in themselves and live under stress by comparing themselves to others. As the sage said, we all have something or the other, but there are many good qualities or qualities, through which we can use our lives for others. What others have is necessary for their life and on that basis, they have got it. First of all, we should understand what we ourselves want from our life and only then we should make ourselves capable that we too can prove useful for others.

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    If we compare with others lives and use the lesson for our improvement there is no stress. But if we feel dejected or envious that we could not be like them, then it is unwanted and can lead to stress and even some unwelcome acts from our side.

    There is a saying in Tamil which says that the ring should be as per the finger size. If one practices to live within own means and priorotises s per one's essential requirements then the there will not be much stress.

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