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    Is your qualification or interview both of equal importance or more or less?

    No matter how knowledgeable or experienced a person may be, but his interview for any job makes his identity. When we go for an interview, most of the people also prepare for it, in which some go for the interview by rote answering certain questions and some are ready for all kinds of questions. But sometimes there are some people who are not able to prove themselves in the interview the way they really are. The reason for this can be fear, hesitation, nervousness, and sometimes being introverted. In fact, only a few rounds of interviews is enough to understand the qualification of a person or not, it cannot be said but certainly, the interview is an important test.
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    Both have their own importance. When you are applying for the job you can apply only if you have the requisite qualification. Now whether you will be selected for the job or not depends on what the interviewers think about you. If they find you fit enough you will be selected and for that performing well in the interview is important. Whereas if you have the qualification to apply for certain jobs you can apply to many such jobs irrespective of how you performed in the last interview. Qualification is one thing and performing is another thing. For example, you will find many who have extremely good academic backgrounds but cannot teach students. In that case, though the person may have the necessary qualification to apply for the job of the teacher the person won't be able to make another person understand what he learnt which I think will be evaluated during the interview process. In the interviews, it is judged by the panellists how well-equipped the applicants are to carry out a specific task as most of the applicants will be having the necessary qualification to participate in the interview.

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    To get an interview call our qualification and experience will be useful. Then for getting selected your performance in the written test and /or interview will be useful. So both are important. When you send your application for a post, the same will be screened and a list of candidates will be made who are eligible for an interview/written test. Then the interview board will conduct the interviews and make the final list.
    The various traits of the candidate will be evaluated based on your presentation in the interview. Answering all the questions alone may not get you selected. How you talked, how confident you are in the process and how is your body language during the interview and your alertness etc. will play an important role in your final selection. If it is a government job a person with a lot of influence and money power may get selected irrespective of his performance in the interview provided the candidate is having all the required qualifications.

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    After reading the post my thoughts went to my boy who is a chemical engineer and was working as process engineer overseeing installation of chemical plants and its maintenance. He applied for a job in a life science company who are engaged with formulation of new drugs and research of new medicines. This is completely different field, but the process of making a medicine is always associated with the vapor and heat at the furnace to which my boy is experienced. When he was questioned at the interview as to why shift from process engineer to Pharma engineer, the reply was given above and for the fist time the company has taken a person just for convincing the Interview officers and now he is working and also proved. So qualification or interview can be no match to job it if was eyed with right perspective.
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    While we are called for an interview, both our experience and qualifications are essential but ultimately our selection would depend upon our performance during the interview session. Whenever we apply for a post, it undergoes through the process of screening where both interview and the qualifications are taken into account for the selection of candidature for the said post.
    Once once we have cleared the screening test, we will have to perform well in the written test so that we get a call for the final interview. Based upon our performance in the final interview, we are selected for the post. While there are numerous candidates having secured impressive marks don't qualify in the oral test because of their nervousness or otherwise. But some are fortunate enough to grab a post owing to their communication skills leading to their success in the final test. To sum up both the traits are equally important.

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    Interview is actually the assessment of one's personality as how he presents himself, how he delivers his speech, and how are his gestures to convince others with what he is telling. So many companies give good weightage to the interview while in government sector and some other organisation they give certain fixed weightage to the knowledge and interview respectively. Generally a 70:30 is a common ratio.
    Anyway, the point is that a very knowledgeable candidate sometime doesn't do good in interview and that is a very difficult situation because the general impression of the candidate is ascertained in interview only and so interview is definitely an important part of the assessment process.

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    Well I do agree with the author about how important one interview is while applying for any kind of job however I also think that qualifications play an equally major role. One can say that in times like these, where many students are graduating online with no or very less effort therefore their degree have less significance and their performance in interviews would determine their fate. I do agree with that thought myself. But I also believe if an individual doesn't have the qualifications he/she would not have been able to apply for that job on the first hand or even called for an interview. Having a stable qualifications ensures that the job employer knows about the extent of your knowledge and what they can expect from you. However, I think the last straw is in the interview. Even with great qualifications it's not necessary that you might be able to ace a interview. An face to dace interview help the employer to understand your outlook in dept therefore if one is unable to express themselves in suitable form while being in interview then there is a high chance that they won't get the job even with great qualifications by their side.
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