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    A link between the strong and the weak.

    Do not consider yourself so weak that even the weak consider themselves to be more powerful than you. And do not consider yourself to be so strong that you remain in your swagger in front of the divine power. So it is right that we keep ourselves in a balance, neither we become so weak that everyone tries to suppress us and we spend life as a scared person. At the same time, the powers are in everyone, but using them properly is the identity of a sensible powerful. The ego is all human and everyone has been made a combination of some strengths and some weaknesses, adopting it, living it yourself, and giving the same to others also.
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    One should understand their actual strengths and also should know where to stand firm and where we have to give up. Then only we may have success in our lives. If we don't know our actual strength we don't know what is the way we have to adopt. That is why people say we should self assess and do the SWOT analysis of ours and we should get strengthened in the areas where we are weak.
    Once we know our correct position we can easily decide where we stand. We will not feel proud of our strengths and at the same time, we will never feel that we are weaker than many.

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    The concept of weak and strong is somewhat relative. In front of a person who is physically stronger, you are weak and vice versa. We need to be aware of our abilities and inabilities. A nervous person may at times feel weak in front of any situation because of nervousness but that is only the state of the mind. You may think of the situation of some students during the examination. Those who have a fear of examination always feel they will not fare well but when they start writing the fear goes away. Having doubts may increase the fear. The best way is to remain aware of what you can and what you cannot. What you cannot do at any point in time doesn't necessarily mean you will never be able to do that. If you spend some time on it by carefully analysing the reasons for your weakness you can do it the next time. Becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses is important.

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    Author made the strong submission that we have to live within our limits and do not expose our talent or even damage control exercise in front of others as they are shrewd enough to either copy or even laugh about our late discovery on the matter. When ever you meet the learned person, they would be so subtle, so humble and even admit that they do not know anything in front of you. But that should be taken as granted as the very submission from them truly portray the great character of allowing others to flourish and be the guide. However not understanding this we try to take things for granted and start behaving to over power them and that is the greatest mistake we do in front of those who know everything more than us but keep low profile just to test how we can cope up with the situation for granted.
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    We must be aware of our strength and should not allow others to make a comment without knowing the capabilities of ours. If such a situation arises, we must exhibit our strength to silence him. It has been seen in the practical life that some people make fun of others with the false propagation of your weakness. Such people would not allow you to live your life peacefully unless we take a stand to show them real potentials.
    Some people are really great having humbleness in their behaviours. They would not tell anything against such fellows commenting on him for their ignorance of their jobs. But in fact, they are efficient enough to tackle their jobs effectively. They simply maintain low profile and rather they are introvert.

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