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    An error has happened. Will ensure it does not happen again

    After a big gap, I have just started to write some articles. There are times when am not able to exert myself.

    This happened recently. I worked on an article about developing educational institutions as brands. I should have checked my old records, but completely forgot to do that. Now, the new article has been rejected as the ideas are similar to the earlier published article.

    It is a big error. I shall henceforth check and recheck all my articles. And write only when am sure that I had not written anything similar on an earlier date.

    I request ISC Management and Members to pardon me. I may go slow, given my health condition, but will ensure that articles are not repeated.
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    Great realisation and the way you have accepted your mistake is exemplary for all of us. Yes, sometimes we do such mistakes in a hurry or to earn quick points but once we accept it then that is a very good gesture and I am really impressed by it. I also firmly believe that accepting our mistakes removes the burden of wrong doing from our heads and others also understand the compulsions and pressure under which we had unintentionally done such errors in our performance in this portal. It actually shows the maturity and prudence of the contributor when one accepts the mistakes so openly and frankly. I wish you all the best in your future writing endeavours in this educational site.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is good always to accept our mistakes and get them corrected. Only brave people can do it and you did it. I appreciate your sincerity and wish you will continue your good work on this site.
    I prepared an essay and just before publishing it I verified my old articles and I found that there was an article on that in my list. Then I discarded that and did not publish it on this site. Sometimes because of our forgetfulness or busy schedule, some mistakes may happen. We should realise, accept and correct. To err is human and not repeating the same error is also a good trait.

    always confident

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    Erring is the quality of human being and for that we need not repent but should not repeat again. You are the versatile writer and your articles are well presented with details. I am sure there cannot be similarities between the old and new articles, but the ISC has rejected the same for being on the same subject. Never-mind, refine the article with some changes and even add new details to be presented as new article. Because we know creating a resource takes much time and the editors also know the same. We need to take extra care and correct the contents which are not repeated again and again Even forum posts on same topics and subjects are rejected and that is happening since recent past. ISC has become more professional now and seasoned writers like the author need to brace up to the occasion and feel comfort to submit.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sir, you are one of the senior and experienced writers of this portal and all the writers are happy to have you back after a long gap. ISC is always helping its members and you are one of the valuable members of ISC. It is true that after a gap, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to get the speed or perfection in the work as before, but when the person himself is equipped with the ability to recognize his mistakes, then he will definitely take perfection in his work soon. I am also still a learner who learning from others and my own miskates.

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