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    What does it mean to "made in India" ?

    As for the Corona crisis, there has been a strong demand from a section of the population for the government of India to ban Chinese goods imported into India; however, some intellectuals and top business people have come out and stated that if Chinese goods are banned, there will be a shortage of automobile parts and medicines. I went to a showroom to buy a smartphone, which was either built-in in South Korea or China. I went to purchase computer accessories, which the labels were printed Made in China. I notice a network cable with the words Made in China Printed on it which are used in my office. In the offices, I noticed some security equipment that was made in foreign countries. The metro rail compartments in Hyderabad are built in South Korea. The air crafts, missiles, war weapons, or war heads and helicopters are Made in Russia. What does "Made in India" mean? There is a Song in Hindi album that comes with "Made in India" maybe Modi was inspired by that and also the famous Hindi song Raj Kapoor.
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    The most unfortunate thing is that we are importing many items and world countries are seeing a very good potential for their products in India. So they are doing business here. Instead of importing those items from other countries, if they are manufactured in our country itself, our wealth will stay in India and it will not go to other countries. India wants those foreign companies to come to India and start manufacturing here so that at least Indians will get some jobs. That is the idea in this make in India initiative. What is happening in this initiative is known when only some companies come and start working here.
    Kia Motors is one such company that has started its operations in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. But
    unfortunately, the change in the State government and its bad policies are making that company think about going back. Yesterday while travelling from Hyderabad to Bangalore by road in my car I have seen that factory from outside. Very well built and well-managed company.

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    What the author revealed is true to the fact that the materials already imported and stocked at the godown of various sellers that need to be sold and cleared and for that Government has not objected. Only after the ban imposed the import of any item from China was not forthcoming. Coming to the Make in India concept envisaged by our PM Modi has strong self reliant message wherein India need to make every product without adding foreign component and those manufacturers or OEM's either too importing from China and other countries are warned to produce and procure from India and thus we should also give time as to when full product range of different items would be made available for everyone of us. Make in India is hardly two years old concept and we cannot expect far reaching changes in short time.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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