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    How to teach a younger kid to play badminton?

    It is frustrating to play any sports with your younger cousins when they force you to. Especially when they don't know how to but force you to play along. You can act nice and cool in the beginning but till the end you get tired.
    Are there any easier methods to enjoy the sports and teach them as well? If you have any tips and tricks with you do suggest them. I wonder how patient my parents were while teaching us chess, cricket and badminton despite all my non-sensical quizzes.
    Also if you like to share any experience of teaching a younger kid any new sports or game.
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    I do not know why you found it frustrating. When you are forced by any kid to play it doesn't matter how they play or you play, the participation matters the most. Now you are wondering how your parents taught you to play some games but actually, it is their participation and interest to teach you how to play by which you learnt to play the game. It should not be frustrating and I think you are a bit impatient in handling them. If you know how to play any game then instead of just instructing show them by holding their hands and the bat/racket in the correct way so that they can copy you. Children may not follow instructions all the time and they learn by copying their elders. Be a little patient and you can teach them to play games.

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    For that matter learning or teaching any sports or games to the kids must inculcate from the child no matter the basic rules are not followed but a beginning has been made. After Sania Mirza became the sensation in Tennis, the craze for this game has been grown and many girls are taking private coaching in various centers at Hyderabad. Likewise the badminton for kids should also be available at your place of living try to explore the possibilities. But playing with cousins would only end up with fuss and fun and nothing to earn and most of the time teasing and undermining takes place and it is better not to play anything with the relatives. Knowing a sport or game from the young age has become more important and even the private schools are giving more impetus to such moves at the early classes.
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    It would not be difficult to teach your kids for the badminton at his early stage since this is the phase where the kids remain more interested to know more about games. The best way would be to provide them some books providing details of this game. You Tube might be helpful at the initial stage for the development of his interest in this line. His involvement in such teachings would result in his passion for the game and in course of time, he would be familiar with the basic rules of the games. His game teacher in his school could prove to be the best mentor in understanding the basics of the game. If the teacher is having the farsighted vision, he would ask the pupils to form the group interested for playing this game on regular basis so that they are proficient in this line.

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    Whenever we have to teach a child some game or sport then it is a matter of great patience. These efforts take a lot of time and one has to skillfully handle the children in order to inculcate in them the basic learning about any game or sport. It is also true that no one can learn anything in less time and it is a long process to learn and then use it routinely. The teaching process starts with rudimentary elements. For example we have to teach them as how to hold the bat and how to hit the shuttle with it. Let them first learn how to throw the shuttle up so that it comes back at the same point and the child has to again hit it to through up. We have to motivate him to increase his score every time with these hittings and encourage him to make bigger and bigger score. Next is to tell him to throw the shuttle at a particular spot about 10-15:feet far and every time when he does it he scores and that activity will help him in learning the focus which is required in this particular game.
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    It is pleasure to play with small kids. I go and play with my little granddaughter. She knows nothing and she may not be able to connect the ball with the bat. But when we play with them and pretend as if we are losing the game and they are winning, they feel very happy and the happiness on their face makes us feel happy. Initially, it may be difficult to make them understand but after spending some time daily with them they will learn and start connecting the ball and bat. We should never discourage them and encourage them by saying that they are doing a good job.
    we have three bats in our house. My son. I and my granddaughter will play with a cock. She even does not know how to hold the bat. But she will see how we are doing and try to repeat the same when her turn comes.
    We can take them to a playground and make them to see the games that are being played by the senior players there. That will also mak e them to understand how to play the game. where

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