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    Drawing a line is always important

    If there is a blank paper and I ask you to draw a line you can do it easily, but would you just stop after that? Yes, you must stop if the blank paper is given to you for the purpose of following some instructions and there is no further instruction after drawing the line. In our everyday lives, we follow a lot of instructions. Even if you do not like some instructions at times you have to follow them because you comprehend the consequences will not be favourable if you disobey. This comprehension is necessary for every aspect and the more you come across various situations you become more aware. We may call this a process of learning. Learning is not only about accumulating knowledge on various subjects and processes it is also about managing various things. We all have some preferences and choices, which one must have, and we exercise those choices according to the situation. The situation helps to make friends and it also can break a friendship depending on how one acts. The important thing is to draw a line, an invisible line in front of you that you should never cross. The significance of this line is to alert you where to stop. If the line is not prominent then you need to change the colour of the ink to make it clearer.
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    For that matter we have been habituated to draw the line on the text during the school and college days to highlight the points that should be remembered and what the author has been asking is very interesting. First of all drawing a line on blank paper is not habituated to any one and and that drawing can be interpreted in many ways. For the kid if we ask to draw a line on the blank paper, they remember the sleeping line which is taught in the preschool. For the youth and elders the drawing a line signifies importance and but they would certainly not agree and wont share just a line on the paper. So the innocence of child and the intelligent of the youth and elders can be compared here on drawing a line on the blank paper. And we always fumble in drawing a straight line on the paper as there is no fixed text on it.
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    Drawing a line on white paper is easy. Stopping there is also not very difficult, But when a line is drawn in our real life and if we are not supposed to cross that, it is very difficult to do that.
    Every new year we make many new resolutions, No smoking, no drinking. Etc. But how many times do we break those resolutions? If we never break our own resolutions why so many times the same resolution?
    When somebody says don't go beyond that point our mind will always remind us to see what is there beyond and we may get tempted to go beyond. So here not crossing the line is very difficult.
    This is where our determination comes into the picture. If we really don't want to do that only, we will not do that. If somebody else is forcing us, we will try to do and see what happens. This is our human mentality. Sometimes instructions are so rigid and we may be forced to follow them even though we have not happy as we have to follow the instructions in the office.

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    Beautifully expressed. I do agree that drawing a line in every aspect of our life is of great importance. It's human nature to get indulge in matter more than one should indulge onto however it is also the human nature to dislike when someone interferes in your own matters. Therefore this parallel is very contradictory. Here drawing a line become extremely important. The famous phase mind your business might be of true relevance here. One has to draw a line to ensure they don't hurt others nor themselves. I understand that it can be difficult to be within the line you've created yourself as it is a human development. However reminding yourself it's significance and how a disciplined life can save you and your loved once from a whole lot of hurt would help you overcome that difficulty. Therefore even though I'm aware of how reluctant this approach might sound it is indeed a great way to practice a life of peace and solidarity among individuals.
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