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    Has it happened with you in online shopping?

    Sometimes you get a too good offer and you buy it immediately but since it is too cheap the online site keep delaying your order delivery so that just cancel it.
    Recently I purchased an electric kettle combo which has a kettle and a thermostat bottle which was free with it just at 814 Rupee. While only one product cost this much but I got two at this price. But now they keep extending delivery dates of product.
    Isn't it a wrong thing to do? If they don't keep the end of the bargain why lure customers into something like this. But I think I will not cancel this order instead wait a few more days.
    Has it ever happened any of you?
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    The online shopping has become the nuisance for many and we have to face the brunt as many tricks are played. One of my relative has ordered a pattu saree online and it was on video and the quality seems to be good and color combination was very nice. The payment also made in advance as the online suggested. But when asked for delivery they gave one week time and the online shop situated in Hyderabad only and for local area hardly two days enough. Eight days passed and money paid for 8000 rupees through online payment was already done. When kept on asking the customer care, they said that saree was damaged and waiting for new saree. 14 days paased and now my relative got angry went direct to the stores. The reply gave by the counter clerk was shocking. That they had only one saree and recieved 12 orders, and for remaining 11 order they are trying to sell other saree and no refund. Fraud to the core.
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    I never faced any such problem so far. We purchase many times, many items, on line and we received them on time and there is no delay in delivery. Two or three items what we purchased is of not the same quality as was mentioned on their site. When we have a product of different specifications we have every right to reject the same and we will get our money in full. But as online sales are increasing and many small players are also coming into the business, these type of things are happening. So before ordering, we have to see the credentials of that company. Amazon, Flipkart etc are very standard companies and they will never do any such tricks. Our money is very safe with such companies and there will not be any delay in delivery also. Even we can book payment on delivery also. The other day I ordered an item and I ordered as payment at the time of delivery. I received the item on time and I paid after receiving the same.
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    What Dr Rao has mentioned in his reply is quite important. The competition among various online stores is increasing but we should review the credentials of the online stores before placing the order. I am sure the store from which you ordered the item mentioned the delivery date and now they are deferring it. You need to take it up with the support team of the online store and after speaking to their representative if you sense something wrong it is always advisable to ask for a refund if you have paid for the product already.

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    Online shopping earlier was really good. After the corona effect, the unemployment, left employment are all starting this business in different names. The common man does not know the reality and therefore got cheated.
    I have seen one news of offering a variety of shoe for 190 rupees through online. As I have earlier purchased similar shoe for 150 five years back at Bangalore, I believed the offer and ordered two pairs one for me and another for my colleague. The next day of payment made I could not see the advertisement in the web. To that they are talented. I lost the money. Similarly one app getting medicines online cheated me. I ordered some medicines but I received one kind of tablets with short supply of one strip instead of two, which cost 240 rupees per strip. In spite of sending reminders I have not received the medicine nor reply. But still their advertisement is coming on online.

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    One thing that is of prime importance in this matter is that we have to buy the items from the reputed online stores only. If they do not deliver they give you an option of cancelling the order and getting refund immediately. I have bought some items but here was never a problem like that. Only one time when I ordered a phone battery, they had sent a bad battery to me and when I complained they immediately took it back and refunded the amount. So their customer service is quite good. There are some cheats in the internet who are making the public fool by cheap tricks and many people get trapped in their web. We must be careful of such sites and exchange the information with other like minded people.
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    In comparison, to the number of transactions I had done for online shopping, the number of incidents of dissatisfaction or deficiency in service is very very miniscule.

    There was one occasion when after I had given order and payment, the portal informed me that the vendor has upwardly revised the price since and not able to sell in the old price. They asked me whether I agree for new price or want cancellation. I asked for full refund and got it.
    In another case I was informed that the colour I ordered was not available immediately and may take some time. So I had to cancel and get refund.

    There are/were two portals I was much dissatisfied with even a couple of transactions and felt they were either irresponsible or just cheats. So I discontinued dealing with them.

    Now I deal mostly with Amazon and Flipkart and am generally satisfied with them. Apart from these I also deal with the vendors/manufacturers who have online sale facilities and have only good experience.

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    I got the kettle delayed but I got it recently, I ordered it from Flipkart. I talked to their customer care service and raised the issue and it took three days to sort out the issue but it came after the three days. Thank you for all the helpful responses. My experience with customer service was nice. I think they do help in any such issue if we directly text or call them.
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    As if a 'bad eye'(Buri nazar) I have faced a bad experience with Amazon today. Today I got a wrong product. The ordred product was not delivred and instead a different item, which obviously of lesser quality was delivered. I had sent mail to Amazon.

    My dilemma now is that I want the correct product. But generally Amazon just returns the amount. It will take another few days.

    I am not sure whether it is a deliberate trick played by the seller or Amazon or a mistake or mischief or malpractice by some employees in the dispatch/sales section.

    These are the associated risks with online buys.

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